Although most people think this is the most logical place to start, I disagree. Music first, name second in my book. And any old name just won?t do. You?ve got to find something that is imaginative, catchy and memorable. Ideally it should help to sum up the band?s sound, but it?s not necessary. After all Extreme was far from extreme. I tend to go for name?s that make people laugh, because I think it helps them to remember the band, especially a fake band, but sometimes just coming up with something totally nonsensical can create something that everyone gravitates towards.

2 Responses to “Step #2: What is your band?s name?”

  1. formerwageslave Says:

    What’s the character limit for Band Names? I keep trying to create a new one and it’s giving me an error message.

    [I’m trying to create Mortimer C. Klaxton & His Big Damn Steam Brass Band… I’m guessing that it’s too long. :/]

  2. eric Says:

    Should be 50 characters.

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