Any old schlub can come up with a fake song title and album title, but how many people take the time to give you the level of detail that it takes to create a classic fake album? The real deal will always include such arcane fake factoids (aka faketoids) as production notes (i.e. producer, engineer, recording studio, mixer, mastering studio, etc.), record label info (i.e. © 2008 Burning Pretzel Recordings), publishing info (i.e. Blown Medulla Music, Inc. all rights reserved), and of course the wonderful ?we?d like to thank the following people.? All these faketoids are opportunities to deliver a joke, a shout out to a real friend or just a piece of minutia that makes your fake band, album and songs that much more tangible.  Just keep in mind that on Figment you have a limit of 500 letters to use in the album description box, so edit yourself!

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