I.  An Overview of the Figment Charts and Lucre System 

On Figment, registered users can create fake bands and albums.  By creating fake bands and albums a registered user can climb the Figment Top Band and Top Album charts which are constantly updated.

Registered Figment users may create as many bands as they would like to create.  There are no restrictions on the creation of bands.  However, please note that bands do not appear to the public and other registered users Figment unless they have at least one released album.

Bands are created and albums released so that they can be shared with anyone that visits the site. Those registered users that create bands accumulate Lucre from the actions of registered users interacting with their bands and releases. Lucre is the fictional monetary unit of Figment and does not have any actual monetary value in USD or any other currency.  Lucre can only be redeemed for prizes on Figment. The Top Band Chart and Top Album (releases) Charts are used to demonstrate those bands and releases that performed the best within the Figment Community in both popularity and quality.

The Top Band Charts are the measure of the popularity of a band.

Figment uses the “Favorite” bands features to simulate the fickle tastes of the music consumer. As such registered users can add or remove themselves from the band’s Fan Base at any time. In this way a band’s fan base can grow or shrink based on the number of registered users that explicitly declare themselves fans.

The Top Album Charts are a measure of the quality of a particular release by a band.

To simulate the actual consumption of their releases by registered users.  As such registered users actions are cumulative and cannot be undone.  Once an album is bought, or added to the registered users collection, it cannot be “unbought” and so that purchase is counted as a “sale” for that release forever.  Similarly once an album is “listened to” it cannot be “unlistened to” and so it is counted as a “listen” forever.

Note that “buying” and “listening” to an album are simulated activities.

In the case of “buying” a release no actual money or Figment Lucre  is exchanged.

In the case of “listening” to a release no audio is played over the figment site.

If a registered user should create actual music or accept money associated with a Figment band that band will be deactivated and all Lucre Points associated with that band will be revoked.

Lucre Points and their relationship with the Figment Charts.

The Lucre Point system directly correlates with a band’s ranking as a favorite among registered users, and the band’s releases being consumed by registered users. The registered user that created each band and its releases are the only individuals able to view the actual quantity of Lucre points accumulated from the bands popularity and the quality of its releases.

II.  How the Figment Charts Work:

Top Bands Chart:

A Top Band is the measure of the band’s popularity. The popularity of the band is determined directly by the number of registered users that have a band marked as a favorite.Each registered user who adds a band to their favorites list is considered a “fan” and adds one more person to that band’s “fan base.” The Top Bands chart is based on the size of a band’s fan base. A band’s fan base is the count of the number of registered Figment users who have added the band to their “Favorites”. A registered user gains a member of his fan base when a registered user adds a band as a favorite.

How a band gains a member of their fan base.

There are two ways that a fan can become a member of a bands fan base:

1. Using the “Add to Favorites” button on the band’s page.

2. Adding one of the band’s albums to their album collection, which automatically and simultaneously adds it as a favorite.

How a band loses a member of their fan base.

A band can also lose a member of his fan base. This occurs whenever a band is removed from a registered user’s favorites list. When a registered user removes a band from his favorites, the total fan base for that band drops by one. This occurs when:

1. If a registered user decides to take a band off his/her favorites list.

2. A registered user’s account is deleted or deactivated either by the users request or due to a violation of the acceptable use policy of Figment.

Other rules governing the size of a band’s fan base.

1. A registered user cannot add one of his/her bands, a band created under their own login, to their own favorites.

2. Each registered user gets one, and only one, Top Band Vote

3. A registered user can remove a band from his favorites list without removing that band’s albums from their own collection.

Top Albums Chart:

A top album is the measure of the quality of a band’s release. The quality of a band’s release is determined by both A) the number of registered users that “buy” a release by adding it to their album collections and B) the number of registered users that “listen” to a release already in their collection.

How a release gains a top album quality point.

There are two ways that a registered user can increment the quality point count for a release:

1. By using the “Add to Collection” button on any Album/EP (Album or EP) page, which adds it to their collection

2. By using the “Listen To Album” button on any release in their collection

Other rules governing the measure of the quality of a release.

1. Album creators cannot add their band’s albums to their own collection

III.  Release Format and Frequency

A release can be either the Album format or the EP format. Each month a band is allowed to create one release per release format.

An EP is any release that is 1 to 6 tracks while an album must contain a minimum of 7 tracks with a maximum of 20. 

A user may create as many albums or EPs as they would like for a band over it’s lifetime as long as they keep to the monthly rules regarding releases.

IV.  Figment Lucre Points & Award Redemption

On Figment, registered visitors earn “Lucre,” based on the activities that affect each of their band’s popularity and the quality of their releases. These Lucre Points can be redeemed for rewards in the Lucre Store section of the website.

Registered users earn Lucre from the bands they create and their associated releases in the following ways:

Popularity of the band:

  •  When another registered site users adds a band to their list of favorite bands, the band’s creator earns 10 pieces of Lucre.  This lucre reward is a one-time only award.  Bands can be removed from a registered user’s favorites list without any corresponding loss of Lucre.

Quality of a Band’s Releases:

  • When another registered user adds the release to their “collection” the creator of the album earns 20 pieces of Lucre.
  • Once per week, a  registered user can click on a listen button for any release that they have in their collection.  Each registered user is allowed to listen to up to 50 different albums per week.  The creator of the album receives 5 pieces of Lucre for each album listen.

Exceptional Performance:

  • When a given albums reaches a certain Figment sales numbers will be awarded special sales awards in the form of “Industry Bling” icons on their album page as well as a corresponding special Lucre award To obtain these special awards users must attain the following sales numbers for an album:
  1. Gold Horn Award = 50,000 album sales (adds to users collections)
  2. Platinum Horn Award = 100,000 album sales (adds to users collections)
  3. Diamond Horn Award = 500,000 album sales (adds to users collections)

 Detailed Lucre Award Rules:

All of the following are one time Lucre awards per registered user based on site activity – lucre points will not be removed if the activity is subsequently reversed by user activity.  Lucre awards received by a band will also not be deleted from a registered users account if that user chooses to delete a band and its corresponding albums that he/she created from Figment.

Adding a Band to Favorites – “Fan Base”

Adding to Favorites – 10 pieces of Lucre (one time award)

Industry Heavyweights marking a band as a favorite.

A one time 20 Lucre Points award occurs when an industry heavyweight adds a band to their favorites

Industry Heavyweights are Figment site administrators and professionals from the music business (labels, musicians, press, publicists).  These industry heavyweights will cast votes on their favorite bands and albums.  Any bands that they favorite, albums they add to their collections or listen to over the period of 1 month will receive special Lucre rewards (see Lucre Award details below for more information).

“Buying” a release,  also known as “Adding it to Your Collection” 

EP – 15 pieces of Lucre

Album – 20 pieces of Lucre

Industry Heavyweight buys either release format, EP or Album* – 40 pieces of Lucre


Listens from a registered Figment User – 5 pieces of Lucre

Listens from an Industry Heavyweight – 10 pieces of Lucre

Band Buzz

Comments from registered figment visitors on a band – 1 piece of lucre+

Comments from registered figment users on an album – 1 piece of lucre+

+ Please note that each registered user may only leave 10 comments per week per band and 10 comments per week per album.  The creator of a band, album or EP may leave a comment, but will not earn Lucre from these comments, reviews, etc.

Industry Bling and Corresponding Lucre Awards

 Album awards and the corresponding Filthy Lucre are only awarded to an individual album and are not rewarded for the combined earnings of a bands discography.

Gold Horns Award for 50,000 adds to user’s collections (“album sales”) – 500 pieces of Lucre

Platinum Horns Award for 100,000 adds to user’s collections (“album sales”) – 1,000 pieces of Lucre

Diamond Horns Award for 500,000 adds to user’s collections (“album sales”) – 5,000 pieces of Lucre

V.  Redeeming Lucre Points for Prizes

These prizes are subject to change. 

Lucre Redemption Totals

10,000 pieces of Lucre = $25 iTunes Card

15,000 pieces of Lucre = Mingering Mike Book

25,000 pieces of Lucre = iPod Shuffle

50,000 pieces of Lucre = iPod Nano

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