Support Your Favorite Band Part 2

February 18th, 2008

Ernie is God

Wondering how you can keep in touch with your favorite Figment band? Want to keep rewarding them with lucre? Well, post a comment on their band page or write a review of their latest album. Every time you do (up to 10 times per week) you reward the band/album’s creator with 1 piece of lucre. You can leave as many comments as you’d like, but only the first 10 you leave per week will earn them lucre.How do you encourage people to write a comment on your band or post a review? Simple, do what blues fans did back in the day when they wanted to promote Eric Clapton. They tagged walls with his name. Now I’m not suggesting you break the law by spray painting your band’s name on public property, but I am suggesting that you leave a message on another’s bands page. You can ask them for their opinion on your band or simply start a band war! Nothing like a little East Coast/West Coast band dispute to raise album sales!

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