Having trouble coming up with a name for your band?  Don’t fret.  They’re everywhere, you just have to pay attention.  I find newspaper sites are great sources for finding band names, album and/or song titles.  For instance, my brother-in-law Mark sent me a great band name after just a few minutes of scanning headlines on CNN.com – “Paging Dr. Gupta” anyone?  Hell, one page view and I had “Signs of Recession”!  But it doesn’t stop just there – scour textbooks (Other Industrial Minerals), cookbooks (Zucchini Disguise) and how-to manuals (Make Glue out of Milk) for the best in indie-rock, rap or techno band names.  After all, one of my favorite real bands is called “Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin”.  Now if that isn’t a newspaper headline I don’t know what is.

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