Sorry this week’s Picked to Click is a bit late.  We had a lot of great bands form last week and some really terrific album releases.  So without further adieu – here are the ones we picked to click!

Darkling – This band seemed to burst from cyberspace fully formed and already has 2 albums that are flying up the charts.  The description of the band is one of the best on Figment.  Really well done.  Check out their albums “Traumatic Insemination” and my personal fave “Darkling” and then buy them!

Deadly Sons of Dublin – This is another master class in how to create a fake band.  Actually had to look them up to make sure they weren’t real.  Their two releases, the “Knockaround” EP and the follow up album “Kick In the Bollocks” have all the swagger of a real Irish punk band.  Buy them!

Just Before Midnight – Here’s another band I could have sworn was real when I first saw them pop up on the Recent Activity chart.  Their first album “Visions in the Dark” shows some promise, but I’m really dying to hear one of the former bands that one of their band members was in and that was mentioned in their band description – The Salad Forks.

Haven 4 Chaos – Good band name, strong debut album – Sanctuary of Disarray”.

Chelicerae – It’s pronounced “kuh-LIS-uh-ree” according to the band, but who cares cuz they just created a great new entry in our Figment soundtrack contest, “Music Inspired by the Film Virtual Turbulence”, which has about 2 more weeks to go!

Didlee Dinkins – Great tag line…good psychobilly!

Sick Like Dog – I’m a big fan of this new band, but they need some artwork for the band and their first LP “Backordered.”  “Smells Like Unforgivable” indeed!

Well, that’s it for now.  Check out the new “Publish News” feature on your dashboards.  It let’s you create fake news for your band that pushishes right to your band page.  So let those press releases fly!

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