Again, my apologies for this late post.  Here’s the latest bands we have picked to click!

Quarters for Laundry – This new band on UniversityWreckords is great.  Their debut album “Learning Through Osmosis” is Dean’s List material!

The Balding Engineers – Are back!  Their new album “Slower Shorter Softer Smarter” is every bit as good as their debut “Diode to Joy” and puts rumors of a sophomore slump to rest.

The Salad Forks – Prior to forming “Just Before Midnight”, lead singer and guitarist Shawn Hale led this 4-piece emo punk outfit.  Although the band broke up in 2006, their last album “Mohawks and Mascara” is now available on Figment!  For the name alone you owe it to yourself to buy this one!

Shop Teacher Tony – Great band name!  This too is an earlier band put together by Roger Beardsley, who now fronts Bag O’ Bones.

Well that’s it for last week.  We’ll do our best to get this week’s picks out sooner!

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