Last Chance to Win!

April 30th, 2008

One last reminder that today is the last day for submissions to both our Figment Soundtrack contest and the Rock Band contest we have been running for listeners of the Blaze 104.1.

If you are interested in participating in our Soundtrack Contest you’ll need to create a soundtrack for a fictitious movie and have it submitted by midnight tonight.  We will be awarding 2 prizes.  The first is for the “Best Soundtrack” which will be judged by Figment’s Industry Heavyweights and be worth 500 pieces of Lucre.  The second prize will be for the “Top Selling Soundtrack” (sales and listens of the soundtrack through 5/16/08 – soundtrack must be submitted by midnight tonight to be considered though) and will be worth 750 pieces of Lucre.  Not a bad haul for creating one album, especially considering the fact that you’ll earn lucre from any sales or listens you garner in the competition.

For those Blaze 104.1 listeners competing in the Rock Band contest, you’ll need to create a band and a debut album by midnight ET tonight (11 pm CT) in order to be considered.   Check out the contest page on Blaze 104.1’s website for contest rules and more details.

Let’s see those last minute submissions! 

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