Well it’s been a while since we’ve done a Picked to Click! column, but there is no shortage of great bands that have been added to Figment during our hiatus.  Why were we gone for so long?  Why bore you with the details – let’s get to the pickin’!

A Thousand Miles Apart – I was really impressed by this band’s debut album “Home Sweet Misery”.  A solid, solid debut.  Everything about this fake band and record are well done.  Misery loves company, so become a fan and buy their album!

Coyote McGee – The first fake comedian and fake comedy album to be added to Figment is pure perfection!  Had me laughing from minute 1 and it’s all fake – now that’s a comic!  His first comedy album, “Lafftermath”, is a definite buy!

Avenging Angels on High – There are a lot of metal bands on Figment.  In fact, it’s one of the most popular musical genres on the site.  Unfortunately, volume does not always equate with quality, and many of the bands are not that well developed.  And then there’s Avenging Angels on High or AAH as I like to refer to them.  Their debut album “Elements of Power” is a tour de force.  Great artwork, great song titles, the whole package.  So do yourself a favor, buy the album and let AAH show you how it’s done.

Body Harvest – A close second to AAH is Body Harvest.  Again, strong band description, great artwork and good song titles.  Their debut album “The Apocolypse” gets slight points off for the incorrect spelling in the title.  Spell check people.  Spell check.

Sons of Carpathia – A close third in the metal sweepstakes is Sons of Carpathia’s and their debut “Death Before Enslave”.  This band has one of the craziest back stories I’ve ever read.  Great stuff.  They also have some of the best band news on the site – so check em’ out.

Fait Accompli – This goth rock band has not only a great name, but is also a text book example of how to create a fake band.  From their well written band description to their 2 releases, “Gentleman’s Agreement” and the remix EP “Medusa Kiss”, this is a band to study.  I’d also like to say that their creator, overground, is a reviewer par excellence.   My only criticism is that for some reason I see this band as more of a garage rock/indie rock band than a goth rock act, but that’s just my two cents and god knows it’s probably not even worth that.

Crotch Rocket – Rod Johnson and the boys have delivered another broadside to his brother’s band Pincher Nipple with their new album “Thruster”.   We don’t think this album is anywhere near as good as their debut, but it’s fun to check out the war of words going on between the two bands on each of their band pages.  I love a good sibling rivalry and this one is a barnburner.

Replay – This punk band from Sykesville, MD is quite good.  Their debut album “Pause” is worth a buy!  But again, to us, this band looks more electronic than punk.  Dig the crazy artwork in the band description on their band page.

Automaton Transfusion – Another well designed band.  I like the Rob Zombiesque album cover for their initial release “Underglorified” and the fact that they’ve laid the groundwork for a deep back story, but have yet to completely tip their hat.  Nicely done.

White Buffalo – This band truly hit the road in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina slammed into their hometown of New Orleans.  Forced to hole up in an auto shop in Baton Rouge, this group of musicians formed not only a bond but also a  band, and their debut album “Parish Priests and Pirates” celebrates their return to the road not as refugees, but as troubadors.  I love their album cover and although the song titles need a little help I like the overall vibe of this fake band.  Buy it!

The Peeyaws – From the band description to the song titles on their first LP “Dead Sexy”, the Peeyaws exude a kind of smart ass punk charm that well I dig.  They seem to have a sense of humor about themselves and yet don’t take them too lightly or they’ll snarl at ya!  Plus the name of their producer KellyButterTowel is classic!  Buy it. 

Black and Pink Checkers – I’m always a sucker for a good pop band and although the Black & Pink Checkers claim to be an emo punk band, for my money their still a pop band.  Okay, so the happy shiny pop punk thing is a bit cloying, but you know what, their youthful exuberance overweighs that and the song titles on their debut album “Pretty in Punk” are so perfectly in tune with their esthetic that I can’t help but like them.  So put aside the daily grind and appease your inner teenager by buying and listening to their album.  You’ll be happy you did.

Dark Lems – Creepiest band photo…EVAH!

Pool of Users – We don’t often promote the creations of our own staff, but Pool of User’s new release “Positively Negative” is worth a view as is Pusher’s new album To The Limit”.  Both were created by our very own Rikki.

And then there are the bands whose names we just plain love:

Crazy Awesome Dudes

Forever Ends Today

Critical Purpose

Napalm Blitz

Oliver Klosoff

Satan’s Shitkickers

The Art of Misfortune

Well that’s it for this week.  We hope you’ll take a look at all the bands above and let them know what you think by becoming a fan, buying their album(s), giving them a listen and writing a review.  See ya next week!

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