Geezer Rock!

September 15th, 2008

Who says old people don’t know how to rock.  Let’s face it, the old people of today were the teenagers of the 50’s and 60’s when rock n’ roll was born, learned to walk, spread it’s wings to fly, and began immediately telling it’s parents to go f*@k themselves.  So as bands age and their fans do as well (in the interest of full disclosure this scribe must admit to being in the beginning phases of geezerdom) how does it reflect in their music?  Well, according to Slate the aging rock warhorses of the past are writing songs about…getting old.

I would like to see more bands like Baark, The Balding Engineers and The HoneySuckers on Figment.  After all, us geezers have grown up with rock as the soundtrack to our lives.  Why shouldn’t we continue to rock into our old age!

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