Fait Accompli…The Interview

September 22nd, 2008

The first time I heard the forceful opening riff of “Festering Admiration” by Fait Accompli I was hooked.  So all puns aside it was indeed a Fait Accompli that I would track them down and insist on an interview.  It took me a while, but I finally caught up with the band in Montreal on a rare off day from their “Cleansed With Fire” North American tour.  Having been on the road since September 1 in support of their most recent (and in my opinion best thus far) album “Deliverance”, the band was tired from the previous evening’s gig, but excited about the opportunity to talk about everything from the fate of goth music to where they see their band in 10 years time.

Figment:  Fait Accompli has clearly conquered Europe, but why has it taken so long to build an audience stateside?

Fait Accompli:  The music scene in Europe is vastly more diverse than in the states. Hip Hop does not have the choke hold on the European market the way it does in here. You are working with a much tighter knit community in Europe. It is easier to develop a following with performing live in Europe because transportation is easier and venues tend to be a bit closer together. We have seen fans at a show in Amsterdam one night and at the next show in Hamburg 2 days later. They just hop the train for a few hours and boom…there you have it. Not like here where you have to drive forever or God help you buy a plane ticket to get from one show to the next.

Figment:  Is Goth dead?

Fait Accompli:  No Mr. Nietzsche and shame on you for saying that…oh you said GOTH! Ha ha. Really, Goth has just evolved into a term for a band that no one can classify. Artists that were the impetus for the term Goth like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy and the like have led the “We’re not ‘Goff’ ” charge for years. It’s just terminology that just so happens to help you identify with a particular part of the culture. So to answer your question, no…it’s not dead, it’s just shapeshifting.

Figment:  Your first big hit single was “Burn the Dreamhouse Down”.  What inspired that song?

Fait Accompli:  When Isabella and I decided we wanted to take the music thing seriously, we had to give up a lot of what we had gotten used to and we were really smacked with the reality of it all. I think we all have this image in our minds of how things will be whether it’s in love or creature comforts or our lives in general. When you start to realize “hey…this is not how I thought it would be” people can react one of 2 ways. They either let the disappointment eat them alive or they can adapt to what is going on. We had both just gone through some really hellish stuff  Isabella with her family and myself romantically and I thougth to myself “it’s like watching your dreamhouse burn to the ground”. The rest just rolled out of the pen.

Figment:  Your latest album “Deliverance” has received strong positive reviews.  How hard was it to follow up the success of your first album and avoid the sophomore slump that plagues so many young bands?

Fait Accompli:  That was always in the back of our minds, but it was not the driving force behind the album. We went into this to make a second album, not a follow up “hit” and we all made that commitment before we even sat down and put pen to paper. So many bands try so hard to avoid the slump that they get mired down in “this has to be better than the last or we are through”. We want our band to gently climb to whatever the top may be for us, not to jump to that high point and fall off just as quickly. We want to enjoy the view on the way.

Figment:  I noticed that you are all listed as songwriters on the new album.  How do you all collaborate on a song?

Fait Accompli:  We have fragments that we all collect. I may have a phrase, Ted or Dex will have a riff or drumline that sticks around or what have you. So when we get together, we basically just bring it all to the table and see what can be created. sometimes one of us will an idea and play it out and we all start collaborating. There can be alot of disagreement on direction and sometimes things get pushed aside or thrown out, but when it clicks and you feel it come together…it is orgasmic.

Figment:  What is the song “(Worshipping) The Ashes” all about?

Fait Accompli:  Not being willing or having the ability to let go of something that is gone. It will mean alot of different things to different people, but mine came from the anger of  watching someone use fear created by a past event to maintain control and drive an agenda that is comepltely unrealated to the event.

[editor’s note:  Fait Accompli just released a Remix EP of “(Worshipping) The Ashes”.]

Figment:  How do you respond to critics who call your band’s name pretentious?

Fait Accompli:  We did not even get that when we decided on the name. We had struggled with what to call ourselves beause we did not want to walk out on stage with someting really hokey. We had gone back and forth with a few short list names and could not decide on one and Isabeela said “Why does this have to be so hard? Let’s just pick one and make it a done deal” and I said “like a fait accompli Mr. Bond”. then it was like “ooooo I like that” and we felt it was appropriate. So if they want to say pretentious let them…we really don’t care. It’s just a name.

Figment:  You’re currently touring to support “Deliverance” without a support act.  If you could choose an ideal support act who would it be?

Fait Accompli:  Yes we are touring through the end of October. Just us on our own. We would love to be on a bill with the Crusaders or Speed D I once they get things settled.

Figment:  Where do you see your band in 10 years time?

Fait Accompli:  Hopefully still creating music that is relevant…and not becoming aging dilitantes. I would love to see us be able to give new acts and artists the same chance that we have been given.

Figment:  Every band has skeleton in their closet that’s their “Behind the Music” moment…what’s yours?

Fait Accompli:  We almost had to cancel our second show in Amsterdam because one of the band members disappeared in the red light district the night before and did not resurface until they showed up late for the sound check. We are much more disciplined about things now. (wink wink).

The band will be touring through the end of October and will close out the tour in New York City on Halloween night.  Deliverance is available on Figment.  So buy it and listen to it today!

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