Spreading Some Holiday Joy!

December 17th, 2008

The votes are in and the Figment editorial staff has picked…little drummer boy drum roll please….“A Dark Demented Christmas” by Reign of Sin as the winner of the Figment Holiday Album Contest!!!

Reign of Sin "A Dark Demented Christmas"

So what made this the winner?  Well, it was the whole package – the overall theme, great album cover, and great song titles.  In short, we thought it hit every note perfectly.  Without a doubt it’s a Christmas album that Reign of Sin would record.  We’ll be mailing out a copy of “The DC Vault” by Martin Pasko to Figment user DarkImmortal and depositing 500 pieces of lucre in his Figment account.  So congratulations!

All in all, we had some great entries.  It was really hard to pick the Top 5, but here are the 4 runners up.  In second place was “Sub-Prime Santa” by Welcome to the Depression.  Talk about an album that was topical!

Welcome to the Depression "Sub-Prime Santa"

We’ll be depositing 400 pieces of Lucre in Figment user smi23le account for that lesson in holiday debt – so Merry Christmas!

In third place and earning an award of 300 pieces of lucre was the comedy album “It’s Christmas in…IDAHO!!!” by Coyote McGee from Figment user makemlaugh2003, and laugh we did!

"It's Christmas in...IDAHO!!!" by Coyote McGee

Earning a fourth place nod was “A Hard Rock Christmas” by Disciples of Perdition.  Although the album cover left a little to be desired (we did get a kick out of the clip art look of it though), we loved the song titles – especially “Do You Fear What I Fear”.  C’mon that’s classic.  So Figment user John-Mrk, be on the lookout for 200 pieces of shiny new lucre in your stocking this year!

Disciples of Perdition "A Hard Rock Christmas"

And last but certainly not least, we awarded 5th place and 100 pieces of lucre to Figment user Surrealmod for the album “Rev. Roman’s Disturbingly Familiar X-Mas Songs” by Reverend Peter Roman’s Rock Band.  Although this album had a very realistic looking album cover we felt the songs left a little something to be desired.

One that barely missed the cut was O’Blivion’s “Snowfall’s Hush”.  There was a quite a bit of debate over the album, so in the spirit of the holidays we’d like to award Figment user overground a special runner’s up lucre reward of 50 pieces of Lucre.

We’d like to thank all of the contestants in this year’s Figment Holiday Album contest for taking the time to create their holiday masterpiece.  It’s not to late to cast a vote on who you think is the best by buying/listening to any of the albums that were submitted.  You can either check them out in the comments section of our original blog post on the contest or in the case of the winners click on their album cover or the links provided above.

We’d also like to thank the good people at Running Press Books for supplying a copy of “The DC Vault” by Martin Pasko as part of the grand prize.

Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus and Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

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  1. Brian Shields Says:

    This news just published:

    Categorical Denial

    “Welcome to the Depression” is issuing a categorical denial of published reports that the band is the true source of the compromising photos published today involving members of Reign of Sin. “We’ve been told this is not like the Miss America pageant,” WTTD’s Flat Broke said in a written statement. “We do not get to assume the duties of the Figment Holiday Album winner if Reign of Sin is somehow deemed unable to serve out the year even though we’re the first runner up’s.”

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