August 20th, 2009


Here on Figment we are always in search of experts who can provide our users with feedback on their fake band creations.  We call these people Industry Heavyweights and you can tell who is a Heavyweight by looking for this figment-IH-icon icon.  If you see the “H” pick by their name that user is an Industry Heavyweight and if they become a fan of your band, buy or listen to one of your albums or provide you with a review/shout you’ll earn more lucre than if an normal user did the same.

Up until now, the only people we’ve made Industry Heavyweights are people who work in the music industry or the media, but starting today that changes.  From this point forward we will making one user who we feel has earned it an opportunity to be an Industry Heavyweight for one month.  He/She will be able to throw their weight around and reward those bands they feel deserve it and provide reviews to any band they see fit on the site.  Needless to say this person has to be someone who has distinguished themselves on the site, so not only will we be making them an Industry Heavyweight, but we’ll also be paying them a one-time fee of 500 pieces of lucre for their expertise!

So who is the first user to receive this award?  None other than the mastermind behind Fait Accompli – overground.  Overground has been a Figment user for over a year now and has systematically built Fait Accompli into one of the strongest and most popular fake bands on Figment.  We are continually impressed by his work and are thrilled to make him the first user to be named an Industry Heavyweight.  Congrats overground, start throwing your weight around!

3 Responses to “Heavyweights!”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    Well deserved! Overground has treated us to some finely crafted works of art in his time.

  2. frizbee Says:

    I concur! Way to go, overground!

  3. Figment News » Blog Archive » A Poppinfresh Heavyweight! Says:

    […] When we created Figment, we wanted to create a site where people could use their imaginations to create their dream band.  Whether it was to create a band inspired by their favorite “real” band or one that was completely unique was irrelevant, only that they used their imagination to the fullest.  It was the former that brought Figment player poppinfresh to our attention and led to our decision to make him the latest Figment Player Heavyweight! […]

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