Cover Jam

September 8th, 2009


I thought you might all find this article on the guy who designed the cover for the new Pearl Jam record “Backspacer” interesting.  Goes to show you how a designer can always apply his/her work to a new medium.  Dan Perkins, who writes and draws the political cartoon “This Modern World” under the name Tom Tomorrow, was tapped to create the cover art for the new Pearl Jam record after his cartoon strip was dropped by the Village Voice Media chain of alternative weekly newspapers.  Not only has the cover been a boost for his career (leading to the design of concert posters for Pearl Jam as well as the cover of a special issue of Spin Magazine which features the band), but it also got him his job back at the Village Voice.  So if you’re looking for some inspiration I suggest you give this NY Times article a read or check out his cartoon “This Modern World”.

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  1. frizbee Says:

    Great cover! It reminds me of The Offspring’s “Americana” cover.

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