Eccentric Arcade Q&A

September 21st, 2009


Ever wanted to talk to one of your favorite bands on Figment?  Well, now you have an opportunity!  Eccentric Arcade are currently on the road with Fait Accompli.  Their Xenophilia Tour ’09 has been playing packed houses and as the tour enters into it’s final week Eccentric Arcade frontman Riki Milligan is itchin’ to talk to his fans.  So do you have any questions for him?  He’s been posting vlog entries on Eccentric Arcade’s official YouTube channel – click here to check it out – and promises to answer all of your questions in his latest video.  So leave a question as a comment and Riki will answer it!  Once the video is posted we’ll let you know here on Figment News.

I’ll get things started with this question.  What’s been the craziest moment yet on the Xenophilia tour?

2 Responses to “Eccentric Arcade Q&A”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    Hey Riki!

    So, E.A. is known for their genre busting experiments in sound. How hard is that to translate to a live show? Do you have to do anything different in terms of the arrangements?

    Keep Rockin’!

  2. Rikki Says:

    What’s in your tour rider? Any particular color of M&M’s you guys prefer backstage?

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