FAKE Posters in the REAL World!

December 15th, 2009

If you received our latest Figment Newsletter (#23) you know that we put a challenge out there to everyone designing posters for their bands.   Send us a picture of your fake concert poster in a real world setting and we’ll give you some lucre!

Well, we’re exited to report that the first poster was sighted in Minneapolis, MN!  The location is quite fitting since our poster contest judge, Lonny Unitus, is a Minneapolis native, but no it wasn’t one of Lonny’s posters.  It was a poster designed by thehoseman for his upcoming Shot Full of Love Tribute Show!  As you can see he got some choice photos of his poster on a local book/record store, newsbox and what appears to be a dumpster!  We LOVE it!

If you didn’t read about our challenge, then here’s the deal.  Since you’ll all be creating posters for our concert poster contest (right?), why not print out a copy and post it somewhere in the real world.  If you take a picture of it and send it to us we’ll give you 200 pieces of lucre (250 if you include the Figment URL on it)!  Better yet, the best location every month will win an additional 250 pieces of lucre!

So be on the lookout for that lucre reward hoseman, and let’s see some other poster sightings!  Don’t forget the best location for each month get’s an additional 250 pieces of lucre!

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