Podcast #6: The Top 10!

February 2nd, 2010


On Podcast #6, aka “The Long Lost Podcast”, we announce the Top 10 finalists for the Figment Concert Poster Contest, give your our Top 10 “real” albums of 2009 and Eric’s Top 10 Figment bands thus far!

Larry’s Top 10 “Real Albums” of 2009


Eric’s Top 10 “Real Albums” of 2009


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7 Responses to “Podcast #6: The Top 10!”

  1. ChildofAlma Says:

    King Baby by Jim Gaffigan IS hilarious.

  2. frizbee Says:

    Woo! The return of the podcast! I’ve been getting anxious waiting for this to return, to tell you the truth. I thought you guys gave up on it or something. Glad to see it has made its comeback.

    I can’t tell you how stoked I am that the Eccentric Arcade poster made it into the top ten! Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed for the #1 slot. I knew going into the contest that I would have some competition, and I’m seriously worried about going up against the Zeroth Moscow poster. I may not be a Zeroth fan and it may not be as creative and customized as some of the other posters in the contest, but that doesn’t stop it from just being a really cool looking poster.

    Also, thanks for the love for both Eccentric Arcade and Coxswain Insignia. I’m glad that you guys enjoy the quite intricate band descriptions and such with each band because it’s something that I will seriously sit there for hours and let it evolve in my head. From the minute I discovered Figment I knew that I would damn near live on this site because it would allow me to be as creative as I could possibly be while combining my two great passions: music and art. I promise that I will keep trying to outdo the prior album of each and every one of my bands. And believe me when I say that I’m only getting started. Oh, and don’t worry, Eric. I’ll be working on something for Coxswain Insignia in the near future.

    As for a top 10…I really couldn’t pick a top 10 list for Figment bands. I could really only list a top 3. I have a lot of Figment albums, but I don’t consider myself a fan of some of the bands as a whole. My top 3 bands would have to be Fait Accompli, !?(or Shock and Disbelief as they refer to themselves) and Big Poppa. There are a lot of great albums out there on Figment, but these are the only bands that I’ve actually bought damn near every album from. They have their hits and misses like any band, but the majority of them are fantastic. I also couldn’t pick a top 10 of any new music because I don’t listen to a lot of new music. I’m generally pretty skeptical with what most people try and tell me is good because 99.9% of the time it’s not good at all. The only new music I’ve really taken a liking to that was recommended to me is Owl City. They’re on the verge of being too emo sounding, but it’s tolerable. And “Fireflies” is catchy as hell. If I had to pick a top 10 of my favorite albums EVER, it would look like this:

    (in no particular order)

    Sheer Heart Attack – Queen

    Untouchables – KoRn

    Commencement – Deadsy

    Consent to Treatment – Blue October

    History For Sale – Blue October

    Middle of Nowhere – Hanson (That’s right. I went there. Say what you want, but there is some seriously legitimately good music on this album. I fell into the MMMBop craze when this album came out, but it’s actually sad that that song is what this album will be remembered by because there is honestly some great stuff on this one.)

    The Wraith: Shangri-La – Insane Clown Posse

    The Green Book – Twiztid

    The Used – The Used

    Innuendo – Queen

    Can you tell I have a very wide spectrum of musical tastes??

    Thanks again, guys!!

  3. Javdoc Says:

    Thanks for the acknowledgement guys. I am honored to have so many of my entries make the cut in the poster contest. And of course, thanks for the props on Zeroth, Eric. They have certainly been my crowning achievement on this site.

    Nice to see Wilco get some love from you both, they are awesome. I am finally going to see them this spring, after being a fan for some time now.

  4. TMTYTF Says:

    Well guys, I’d have to say I’m a little shocked that Stonekrank didn’t make the top 10 list, I know they disappeared for a while but they came back strong and have only continued to live up to their potential. Eric, I also noticed you didn’t decide to pick up the new self-titled album so now I am recommending it to you b/c I do think you will like it.

    As for the poster contest, I was bummed that none of my entries were considered (especially the No Holds Barred poster) but then again there were a lot of good ones, best of luck to all of the finalists.

    Going into the bands you chose, many of them were good but for some reason I do not find Zeroth or Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls appealing (no offense to the creators) but for some reason their song titles are complex and hard to understand most of the time and that’s why I don’t get them.

    Anyway, here’s my top 10 real albums of 2009:

    10) Vol. 4: Songs In The Key Of Love And Hate-Puddle of Mudd
    9) Cult of Static-Static-X
    8) 21st Century Breakdown-Green Day
    7) Music For Cougars-Sugar Ray
    6) Metamorphosis-Papa Roach
    5) Dear Agony-breaking benjamin
    4) Life Starts Now-Three Days Grace
    3) Street Sweeper Social Club
    2) Sci-Fi Crimes-Chevelle
    1) Burn Halo

    I’m surprised none of these were on your lists but I’m guessing you didn’t know of them or something, well now you do.

    and my top 10 figment bands (in no order)

    ~The Forgotten Falling
    ~The Dark Immortal
    ~Death Face
    ~Dark World
    ~Severed Heads Academy (solely b/c their EP From The D.C. was so incredible)
    ~Pusher (even though they’ve had some issues with Firecharged! they’re still awesome)
    ~Lips Laced With Cyanide (a band I’ve discovered recently but nonetheless awesome)
    ~Chainsaw Homicidal Monkeyman Overdrive
    ~Phallic Acid (excluding the fact that TheOldCougs was banned for cheating and whatnot, Phallic Acid was awesome, they were a band like no other and there will never be a band quite like them, they are dead now but their legend lives on. Also TheOldCougs was super cool and very supportive of all of my bands.

    So there you have it, glad the podcasts have returned.

  5. ChildofAlma Says:

    Ah yes, my top 10 real albums.

    in no order:

    Crash Love- AFI
    Memento Mori- Flyleaf
    I Told you I was Freaky- Flight of the Conchords
    In Search of Solid Ground- Saosin
    Adelphia- A Skylit Drive

    …Oh dear. I’m out of new albums. (Yeah I know). Here are some that I discovered in 2009 that I thought were awesome.

    Bedtime Prayers- Blinded Colony
    Mozaiq- Blood Stain Child
    Withering to Death- Dir en Grey
    Duplicity- Silent Descent
    Idolator- Blood Stain Child

  6. theHoseman Says:

    First off – great poster contest. A bunch of really cool entries and 3(4) outstanding winners.
    Diggin’ the podcasts. Thank you Eric & Larry for taking the time to do them!

    Huge thank you for name dropping Zandergriff and your kind words about the Parliament of Owls. Zandergriff Miggs is kind of what I wish I could be as a musician. (and Eric, your description was pretty spot on…) ZMPO was my first band on Figment and the band description was pretty much written stream of conscious (as is most of my work). I wish I could take credit for it being well thought out, but I kind of just start writing and see what develops. I’m always writing down words and phrases that pop into my head throughout the day and most of these end up as song titles. I get that ZMPO might not be for everybody. I don’t think any of my bands are for everybody, but that’s the whole point for me. There is a lot to be said for straight ahead good old fashioned rock in all its simple glory, but that ain’t what Zandergriff is about. Puns, esoteric references and sometimes just words that I think sound good together – that’s exactly the kind of song titles Zander would write.

    In leu of a Top 10 list of 2009 albums, here’s just what’s been in my heavy rotation lately.

    *Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash – the Replacements
    *I and Love and You – Avett Brothers
    *Super Taranta! – Gogol Bordello
    *Up From Below – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
    *Live@Tipitina’s – Trombone Shorty and Orleans Ave.
    *Atlanta International Pop Festival 7/4/70 – Jimi Hendrix & the Cry Of Love
    *Dark Side of the Moon – Flaming Lips & Stardeath and White Dwarfs
    *lots of local (Twin Cities) bands and anything by the New Standards.

    Thanks to everyone at Figment for a great year. I’m sure TwentyTen will give us all kinds of crazy new bands/albums!

  7. DarkImmortal Says:

    I know, I don’t comment much since I’m a man of a few words..So here I go…Eric and Larry I always look forward to to your podcast, and thanks for the shoutouts for “The Dark Immortal”!

    As far as my top albums from 2009…

    1)The High End of Low- Marilyn Manson

    2)Crash Love- AFI

    3)The Fame Monster- Lady GaGa

    4)21st Century Breakdown- Green Day

    5)Withering to Death- Dir en Grey

    I know it’s only five but 2008 was a better year in my opinion or it could have been I didn’t get out as much in 2009?

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