Figment Concert Poster Winners!

February 5th, 2010

Lonny Unitus has picked the winner and 2 runners up in our Figment Concert Poster Contest.  So without further adieu I will turn it over to Lonny:


Crashing Institute “It Only Takes One” NYC Concert Poster

by javdoc

Lonny Unitus:  This poster is the best executed with the best concept. The limited font choice and color pallet only strengthen the design. The layout is clever and avoids just being a bad pun with the “it only takes one” text. It’s
the kind of design that rewards you for spending more time looking at it.

2nd Place:

Ammonites Concert Poster

by RevSpike

Lonny Unitus:  To me this feels like a “real” flyer you’d see in a record store or stapled to a post. I like the extreme crop of the image and the type treatment for the band’s name. I’m not crazy about the “new font for each line of text” approach (especially that Disney font). Good job overall.

3rd Place:

Zeroth “2009 New Year’s Eve Moscow Poster [Banned]”

by javdoc

Lonny Unitus:  I was torn between Zeroth and Eccentric Arcade for third place. I liked the illustrations for both, but am guessing that both are “found” images from the internet as opposed to original work. Zeroth takes the prize for having better text integration. My critique for these would be that using found images isn’t uncommon, but the key to designing a poster using a found image is to recontextualize it somehow and progress the image with your design. (Not just stick text on an old/found illustration). Matching the Russian propaganda poster image with a “Russian” font is a good beginning and a step in the right direction, but as you make more posters you’ll want to show your work more and make (even found images) your own in some way.

So congratulations to javdoc and RevSpike.  javdoc will be receiving a custom designed poster created by Lonny Unitus himself as well as 2,500 pieces of lucre and 2 Figment t-shirts for having the 1st and 3rd place posters!  RevSpike will win 1,000 pieces of lucre and a Figment t-shirt, and since 3rd place was SO close we’ve decided to award frizbee with 250 pieces of lucre.

We’d like to thank Lonny Unitus for being such a great judge.  Don’t forget to check out his posters on and if you like them drop him a line to buy one!  We’ll keep you posted on his design for javdoc and we’ll make sure to post it here on the blog as soon as it’s done!

We’d also like to thank everyone who participated in the contest.  Every time we run a contest we’re impressed with not only how great the submissions are, but also how much they improve each time.  So if you didn’t win or place in the Top 10 this time it doesn’t mean you won’t in the next!  Until next time…

5 Responses to “Figment Concert Poster Winners!”

  1. Javdoc Says:

    Wow, thanks, I’m very honored to have won the contest. There were some very good entries submitted and kudos to everyone for all the good work.

  2. theHoseman Says:

    Congrats! All of the winners consistently provide us with great work. I, for one always look forward to new releases from Javdoc, RevSpike and Frizbee as their stuff is always some of the best on Figment. I really dig all the above posters. I wouldn’t have wanted to be the one to have to choose.

  3. frizbee Says:

    Wow. I have to say I’m surprised that I didn’t even make runner up. Not to sound like a dick or anything, but I do think it’s just a tad unfair that one person takes both the top prize AND a runner up position. If Lonny didn’t realize that both the It Only Takes One and the Zeroth Moscow posters were created by the same person, then ok, but I don’t know if that was the case or not. It’s true that I used found images to create my poster, but unlike most of the other found image posters I most certainly tweaked and re-worked and combined the images to make something unique. I don’t think that just typing your band name across an existing image counts as creativity, so I always make sure that everything I create is a completely new work of art.

    It stings a little that Lonny seems to think that I just found this random image and added some text to it when I spent several hours creating my poster. Each and every piece of the poster, all of which are royalty free, is a different object on its own which I brought together to create the final image. No Photoshop effects or anything were used to create the overall look of the image, just lots and lots of time, layers and experimentation until I was happy with the results.

    To reiterate, I am by no means whatsoever trying to say that mine was the absolute best poster of the bunch. I completely expected to lose out to the Zeroth Moscow poster. Like I’ve said before, it may not be as customized and creative as some of the other posters, but it still looks like a real concert poster. I’m honestly shocked that it didn’t take the top prize. But I do find it a bit unfair that someone was allowed to basically win twice. Since there was no limit to the amount of posters you could submit to the contest, what would have happened if someone just happened to win all three spots? I think for future contests there should be a rule that each person can only win one prize so that it remains a fair competition. Being able to submit multiple times to a competition is great, but if someone gets picked twice they should not count the second pick.

    I know I’m getting off on a rant here and I apologize, and I certainly don’t want anyone to think that I’m bashing anybody or demanding a recount or something. That is not the case in anyway whatsoever. Massive congrats to the winners, and I’ll say it again that the Moscow poster deserved to take the top prize. But because javdoc had already taken top prize for his Only Takes One poster he should not have been allowed to claim third prize as well. I’m insanely grateful for the fact that since it was such a close call between the Moscow poster and mine that Eric and the guys here at Figment decided to award me 250 pieces of Lucre anyway because they really didn’t have to do that. So many many thanks to Eric for that huge act of generosity. And, again, serious congrats to the winners. Please don’t think I’m a giant douche because I’m not trying to start anything or demand retribution.

    Nothing’s gonna keep me down, so bring on the next contest! And good luck to all who may enter!

  4. TMTYTF Says:

    I agree with Frizbee. Congrats to the winners, but I’m just unhappy with the fact that nothing I submitted to the contest was even considered (as in the top 10). Especially the limited edition No Holds Barred Poster b/c I thought it would get some form of recognition for sure. Anyway, I’ll just have to wait until the next contest

  5. Eric Says:

    Hey guys. I just wanted to weigh in a bit on the some of the complaints or suggestions(?) that you raised above.

    First of all, I think Lonny was pretty clear on why he picked each poster. Furthermore, he judged every poster based on the poster itself and not on who created it, and that’s all we asked of him. If he had taken into consideration who produced each poster would he have been giving an unbiased and honest decision on what were the best 3 posters? The answer is no. I think we can all agree that he has the experience to know what makes up a good poster design, so whether or not you agree with his opinion is kind of irrelevant. He’s the judge.

    As for multiple winner issue, let me explain our rationale behind that. First of all, we made it clear in the rules that everyone can enter as many designs as they would like. We allow multiple entries because we’ve found that as entries come in they often spur more and we’re looking for the biggest possible pools of entries to pick from. Furthermore, we’ve found it allows people an opportunity to push themselves to create even better designs.

    Having said that, we spent a lot of time selecting the top 10 we passed along to Lonny, and we did consider the number of entries each person in the Top 10 received, but only from the perspective of did each of their designs warrant a place in the Top 10. After all, if a person produces multiple entries that are superior to the rest of the entries, why should they be penalized by having all but one of their entries dropped from consideration? While we want the biggest pool to select from, we’re looking for the best designs, not the most diverse group of designers.

    That’s not to say we don’t take into account perceived skill levels, access to design tools, etc., but our contests are designed to encourage improvement in everyone’s design skills not to foster an “everyone is entitled to a prize” mentality. Furthermore, I don’t think you have to be a design pro to win one of our contests. Simplicity, as Lonny pointed out about the Crashing Institute poster, can often strengthen a design.

    In the end, we felt the 10 designs we selected were the strongest and deserved to be the ones that Lonny judged. If you don’t agree with us you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but we’re confident that the 10 we picked were the best.

    Having competed in contests of this type over the years, I know it’s tough to be judged. I’m glad no one has been turned off by this experience and I look forward to seeing you compete in future Figment contests.

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