This is the first in a series of blog posts spotlighting each of the Figgie Award categories and the nominees in that category.

The Best Developed Band Figgie  recognizes the fake band that was the most complete in every facet of the game – band back story (description), artwork, album cover design, song titles, marketing/promotion and fan base development.  In short, we’re looking for you to cast a vote for the fake band that is 2009’s best and most complete fake band.  Last year’s winner was Fait Accompli.

This year’s nominees include (in no particular order):

Eccentric Arcade

Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls



The Forgotten Falling

Big Poppa

Have you cast your vote yet?  No?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Check your email for your official Figgies ballot invite and get voting!  All of this year’s nominees are counting on your votes!

Our next spotlight will be on the nominees for the coveted “Album Cover of the Year” Figgie!

4 Responses to “2010 Figgies – Best Developed Band Nominees”

  1. TMTYTF Says:

    The Forgotten Falling are without question the most developed band in this category, vote for them!!

  2. Eccentric Arcade Says:

    We are incredibly honored to be nominated for this award. We’re up against some incredible fellow musicians, so we couldn’t be more grateful for even being nominated. Thank you! NOW VOTE!!

  3. bobmuffin55 Says:

    Its between !? or The Forgotten Falling!

  4. Javdoc Says:

    All worthy nominees and well-deserving of being considered for this honor. We hope everyone takes the time to visit each band’s page if they aren’t already familiar with them and makes sure to vote.

    On behalf of the band, we would like to take a moment and point out Zeroth’s accomplishments for 2009, some of which might not be readily apparent on their page:

    * 13 releases in 2009 [+3 LBR compilation CDs]
    * Sales of nearly 100 albums and singles
    * Completed two major tours [Infinite Spiral Tour and Portals Tour]
    * Headlined inaugural Merchants Of Metal festival
    * Launched the first fan organization [The Paradox Legion]
    * Band members have several side-projects [Kaliclysm, Supercrusher, Jason Smith solo project] and have collaborated with other label’s artists [Manifold Spaceport]

    Thanks as always to Zeroth’s awesome fans for their continued support, and the band and label would appreciate your vote.

    – Long Bong Records

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