In this post we’re spotlighting the “Album Cover of the Year” Figgie nominees.  When casting your vote for the album cover you think is the best, make sure you’re voting for the cover that not only has the best design, but also the most visual impact.  Does it communicate the band’s genre and content?  Clever is good, but it’s not everything, so keep that in mind when you cast your vote.

So here are the nominees (in no particular order):

“I Am Death Alive” – Minagoroshi

Designer – Nocturnal

In-A-Danna-Da-Vido – Byron Udderfly

Designer – RevSpike

“Picture of Oxygen” – Nom de Guerre

Designer – frizbee

“Gallows Hill” – Fait Accompli

Designer – overground

“The Bastard in Space”  (Single) – Fustercluck

Designer – RevSpike

“Black Sunrise” (German Import Single) – Coxswain Insignia

Designer – frizbee

“Barn Raising From Hell” – Amish Militia

Designer – javdoc

“Xenophilia Live” – Eccentric Arcade & Fait Accompli

Designer – frizbee

“Shorn Fleece” – John Lanolin

Designer – poppinfresh

“Hoof & Mouth” – KARKASS

Designer – thehoseman

“Chronicles” – Suicide by Papercut

Designer – bendertj

“Törnekrona” – Törnekrona

Designer – Hypnox

“Twisted Fate” – Entropic Touch

Designer – Hatefulsadness

“3” – Manifold Spaceport

Designer – theHoseman

Have you cast your vote yet?  No?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Check your email for your official Figgies ballot invite and get voting!  All of this year’s nominees are counting on your votes!

Our next spotlight will be on the nominees for the coveted “Best Tagline” Figgie!

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