Dashboard Changes

April 8th, 2010

For those of you who haven’t already noticed, we made a change to your dashboard page that you’ll see the next time you log in to Figment.  Gone is the old Fan Interaction List, and in it’s place are two new lists – “What’s Happening With Your Bands” and the “Last Five Things Your Friends Did”.

We made this change in response to your requests to have a better way to track the interaction with only your bands.  As you know the old Fan Interaction list showed not only activity with your bands, but also the activity of any player whose band you had become a fan of on Figment.  Due to the large amount of activity on the site this often pushed activity with your bands down the list and it was hard for you to know who or how someone had interacted with a band you created.  Thus the new “What’s Happening With My Bands” list.  The title says it all.

The new “Last Five Things Your Friends Did” list will provide you with information on the activity of those players whose band’s you have become a fan of, but on a more immediate basis.  After all if you want to find out more about what bands they’re buying/listening to you can always visit their profile page where a list of the last 10 things they’ve done on the site is displayed.

We think these two lists will better help you track the progress of your own bands while still providing you with some insight on what your favorite bands are up to on Figment.  We hope you like the change and look forward to any feedback you have on it.

4 Responses to “Dashboard Changes”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    I think the new dashboard is a great addition to the site. I have missed several messages or reviews for long periods of time because my “recent activity” board was filled up with other activity that did not pertain to my bands and consequently, I had no idea anything new was posted. A big thanks to the Figment team for this updated Dashboard!

  2. TMTYTF Says:

    I like the change

  3. frizbee Says:

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along for a while now, and I’m so glad that it’s finally here. I’m in the same boat as Hoseman. I would log in and notice that my Lucre had increased, but would have no idea how or why. So I would have to start going through all of my bands and all of their albums to see if anything had been purchased, listened to or shouted at. This is going to make everything SO much easier. Thank you!

  4. Javdoc Says:

    Nice job. Definitely more user-friendly.

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