Hayden Frasco has joined the growing number of Figment bands who are vlogging.  The Forgotten Falling frontman and current cast member of Prime! gives you the skinny on the recording of the band’s new album as well as updates on some of his labelmates at Fallen® Records.

Make sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel to catch further installments and while you’re at it do the same for Uncle Duff Records’ Radio Free Albemuth and Eccentric Arcade/RA Records video podcast.

3 Responses to “Video Video: Fallen Records”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    Hayden! Glad to see you and Fallen Records on the vlogosphere!
    Really diggin’ your work in Prime!

  2. Hayden Frasco Says:

    Yeah thanks! There’s always too much. Be sure to catch me and some other great musicians including Taxine Fontaine, Rikki Milligan, Zandergriff Miggs and more in Prime!

  3. TMTYTF Says:

    Wow, that was freaking awesome. That’s pretty much how I pictured Hayden anyway. I absolutely fucking love “It’s Never Sayonara” and I do remember when “This Is Sayonara” came out, it was the first record I bought from TFF and it’s very special. I’m so glad Whispers and SS decided to join forces because it turned into an epic masterpiece!

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