Indie Craft

July 22nd, 2010

We’re excited to announce that William Schaff, the judge of our recent Album Cover Design Contest, is featured in the new book “Indie Craft” by Jo Waterhouse due out in October.  The book focuses on the new wave of D.I.Y. crafting that while still anchored in the disciplines your grandma used – embroidery, cross-stitch, crochet, knitting, etc. – is more cutting-edge and quirky.  Some of Will’s embroidery and other craft work is featured, so check it out.  Still waiting for some of our Figment bands to pick up the knitting needles and get to work, but in the meantime, congrats Will!

6 Responses to “Indie Craft”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    If I could I would…utilize needlework, that is. Best left to my wife who has crafted me hats and several pairs of socks. Though she shows no interest in designing album covers…believe me I tried to convince her.

    I’m looking forward to this book though.

  2. frizbee Says:

    I’m with you on that one, Hoseman. After seeing needlework used by Will on his Okkervill River covers, I was both impressed and inspired. Sadly, I’ve never worked with the medium, and I wouldn’t stoop to trying one of those stitch-by-number deals. Where’s the creativity in that? My wife does cross stitch, but it takes her long enough to work on something that she actually wants to do, so I’d never be able to convince her to stitch something like an album cover, lol. A man can dream, though…a man can dream.

  3. Childofalma Says:

    Maybe if I had a scanner I could scan some of my drawings. But, alas, there are no jobs where I live. I´ve tried to get one (A job, that is).
    I also took a knitting class before. However, it took me several days to knit a small pouch, and I couldn´t possibly imagine knitting something as intricate as a cover.

  4. TMTYTF Says:

    Damn! You guys are married?

  5. frizbee Says:

    Yes, we are. 3 years next month, for me.

  6. TMTYTF Says:

    well congrats, Frizbee

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