Time for the 3rd installment in our on-going feature, Figment Player Profiles!!!  I know, you haven’t slept in weeks waiting in anticipation for this latest installment, but hey all joking aside we have a good one for ya!  Tyman is a long-time Figment player having joined the site 2 years ago.  In that time he’s built up quite a stable of bands with a surprising number of musical genres represented.  Whether he’s putting together the latest version of the successful musical video game “The Next Rock Legend” or cutting a record with his metal band Fragile Agony, Tyman is always at work even if it is play.  We talked with him recently to get a better feel for what he’s like on and off Figment.

FigmentNews:  Tell us a little about yourself.

Tyman: Well, first of all, I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember, and I hate sports. I like a lot of different bands, but the ones I like the most are Dream Theater and Metallica.

FigmentNews:  How did you find Figment?

Tyman: My brother, known as Myoxis on Figment, showed me the site, and I thought it was pretty cool. So, I joined.

FN:  What attracted you to the site?

Tyman: The topic of the site: Fake Bands. That really interested me, because I’ve never heard of a fake band website before. I also liked that you can make you’re own albums and earn fake money. It’s original.

FN:  You mentioned on your profile page that you’re a musician and that you are part of a 2-man band with another Figment player.  So are you like the White Stripes?  Do you play guitar and your friend plays drums?

Tyman: On the first part of the question: Sort of, but obviously we’re not brother and sister (or a divorced married couple, whatever the White Stripes are), and on the second part: It’s actually the other way around. I play drums and I sing, and metallicstone is the guitarist.

FN:  Your album covers and band/album descriptions have really improved over the past year or so.  To what do you attribute this to?

Tyman: Well, I’m not so sure. I just come up with them, but thanks for the compliment!

FN:  What tools do you use to create your album covers?

Tyman: Well, I look up images on Google that look pretty cool, and then I use Microsoft Paint, probably like others on Figment do.

FN:  What’s your band creation process like?  Do you lean on the bands you like for influence or do you simply decide on the genre and go from there?

Tyman: I just decide on the genre and go from there. Nothing special.

FN:  When you create a band do you already have their debut album in mind or does it take you a while to decide what direction to take them in?

Tyman: 50-50, whatever happens. One day, I might plan it, the next it’ll take me a while to put in what direction I want it to be in.

FN:  Your bands run the gamut as far as genres go – Prog Rock, Christian, Alternative, Grunge, Metal and straight up Rock N’ Roll among others.  Do you listen to a lot of different types of music?

Tyman: Not really. I mostly listen to Prog Metal, Rock, Metal, and Grunge. But, I do, sort of, like Slipknot (3 songs only). So, I listen to whatever I like, and nothing I don’t.

FN:  You were one of the first players to have a band break up as well as have a band re-form.  What inspired you to do that?

Tyman: I HATE IT WHEN BANDS BREAK UP!!! That’s how I was inspired. ‘Nuff said.

FN:  Speaking of inspiration, what are some of the real bands that you would say have influenced your fake bands?

Tyman: Fragile Agony and AlphaGhost were DEFINITELY inspired by Dream Theater, The Silver Stones were inspired by Metallica and Megadeth, Aggression of Confusion was inspired by Rush and Trapt, Dark World was inspired by Lacuna Coil, my latest band Homicide Machine was inspired by a new band I like called Fear Factory, as well as inspired by Slipknot and Linkin Park, and I do say cudos to Trivium for inspiration of Apocolantis.

FN:  How about fake bands – any bands on Figment that influenced your fake bands?

Tyman:  Shane Osiris inspired me to make Evan Dumare, and Pusher inspired me to make Decrease Magnum, a small fanbase Glam Metal band I formed. Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment.

FN:  What do you look for in a fake band?

Tyman: A good band description, cool album covers, as well as names, and how interesting it is to me.

FN:  Any Figment players who you’d like to laud for their work?

Tyman:  I want to get started with Crypt_Keeper, he’s been on Figment for a month now, and his band, Werewolf Concerto, has gotten REALLY POPULAR!! I hope he’s enjoying Figment, because I’m really enjoying what he’s making.

I also want to name TMTYTF. Dude, you come up with pretty cool covers, and I admire you for that. By the way, congrats on the #5 spot in popular bands with Stonekrank. Their fanbase really has grown.

Another player is algoreyou. He has pretty interesting album covers, and I think Old Republic is pretty cool.

And last, but not least, javdoc! Merchants of Metal is really cool, plus, congratulations on winning the album cover contest.

FN:  Have you always created fake bands?  Or is this something you thought would be fun after seeing Figment for the first time?

Tyman: I actually came up with the names Trapzone and Kings of Rock when I was younger. So, yeah, I have always come up with fake bands, and all the others, I came up with on Figment (except Heaven Starz, The Silver Stones, and Spee D I).

FN:  Where did the band name “The People Who Are Made of Plasma” come from?

Tyman: I don’t remember. I think I was thinking about lasers or plasma. Either that, or I just created it for fun.

FN:  If you could make one of your fake bands real and then join the band, what band would it be and what instrument would you play in the band?

Tyman: Definitely Fragile Agony! Except it would be Metal instead of Prog Metal, because my skills aren’t technical.

FN:  What is the band and/or album you’ve formed/released that you are the most proud of?

Tyman: The band I’m proud of is The Silver Stones, because that’s the band I have the biggest fanbase I’ve had. The album I am most proud of is “The Sign of Depression”. That’s the most popular album I’ve EVER made.

FN:  What would you like to see added to Figment in the way of features, improvements, etc?

Tyman: Honestly, I’m fine with how Figment is already. I don’t think any changes need to be made.

FN:  If someone asked you why you play Figment what would you tell them?

Tyman: I’d say “I play Figment because it’s entertaining. You should make a profile!”

8 Responses to “Figment Player Profile – Tyman”

  1. Javdoc Says:

    Nice interview, glad to see we’re continuing with these profiles. Would definitely agree, Tyman’s work has really come along nicely the longer he’s been on the site. Keep it up.

    Thanks of course for the nod, it’s appreciated. 🙂

  2. TMTYTF Says:

    If anyone deserves recognition on this site it’s Tyman, he’s been on the site for about as long as I have and he’s been a Stonekrank fan pretty much since day one. He also works really hard to ensure that his bands are not boring or bland and he keeps us entertained. I have to admit that I think his band, Dark World, is totally underrated. Their last two studio albums only sold like two copies each (what the hell everyone!!). Anyway, I enjoyed the interview and would like to see more. However, I would also like to see more band interviews and podcasts as well.

    …and Tyman, thanks for the shout out. I’d do the same for you any day

  3. theHoseman Says:

    Another great interview. I do enjoy these player profiles.
    Tyman, I’m in total agreement with Eric & Javdoc…your stuff gets better all the time…in particular your cover designs of late.

  4. Algoreyou Says:

    I agree with theHoseman, keep these player profiles coming!

    Tyman, your work is astounding. Your bands have been incredibly inspirational on all the stuff I’ve done since I started using Figment a few months back. Your albums just keep getting better and better, and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Keep your art flowing man.

  5. Tyman Says:

    Thanks a lot you guys! I LOVE this website more than YouTube! When I first found about my interview, I was running around my house going crazy, and yeah.
    TMTYTF, I totally agree with you, Dark World is so underrated.

  6. bobmuffin55 Says:

    Glad to see someone get it who deserves it!!!

  7. Crypt_Keeper Says:

    Tyman, your bands are killer and you truly deserve the interview. I love your album covers (especially Fragile Agony’s “Battle Of End Times”) and I really appreciate the shout-out!!

  8. bmick14 Says:

    how do you get one of these?

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