Well it seems I’m not the only one who is a fan of internet ephemera, our own frizbee keeps track of it too!  In fact, he sent over 3 of the links I’m sharing with you today.  In return for his link “largesse” we thought it only fair that we dedicate this very special episode of Cleaning Out The Bookmarks to him!

In Vol 1. of this feature we introduced you to Pitchfork’s great “Take Cover” column.  The latest installment features Stanley Donwood who has designed all of Radiohead’s covers.  He has a new exhibit that is currently showing at San Franciso’s FIFTY24SF through October 27, 2010.

I stumbled across this treasure trove of Jazz album covers that were released on Columbia Records when I visited the Birka Jazz Archive.

And speaking of album covers, frizbee hipped me to AlbumArtExchange.com an online repository of high quality album artwork.

He also sent me this link to SoundofDesign’s minimalist take on 19 classic rock album covers.  It’s awesome.

And in keeping with his minimalist streak, frizbee sent me this link to some minimalist rock posters done by Federico Mancosu.

I ran across this trailer for a UK indie documentary about the last vinyl record shop in Teesside, England.  The film is called “Sound It Out” (after the name of the shop) and at the time of this post they’ve only raised $265 of the funding they need to for the film’s post-production, so scrape some nickels together and help out a struggling artist by donating what you can.  She’ll send you some great freebies depending on how much you donate.  I went for a simple $10 thank you!

Having a kick ass logo is nowhere more important than in the world of metal – here are a few I happened across on a Russian design site that should get your creative juices headbanging!  If you scroll down there’s some pretty good album cover designs as well.

And speaking of metal, Invisible Oranges asked a classically trained voice teacher to give her thoughts on 5 of metal’s most well known singers.

Ran across this great blog post about how someone’s fake band “Bible Party” got big by word-of-mouth.  Go figure.

Cover Arts is another great album cover design site to check out.

Rock stars love tattoos right?  The problem is that they don’t always make the best tattoos themselves do they?  Think Before You Ink proves it!

And while we’re on the subject of rock n’ roll anatomy why not check out Flavorwire’s 10 Most Iconic Bare Torsos in Music!

Everybody knows rock n’ roll is an incestuous business, but this woman actually mapped it out!

And last but not least, I love wildlife, so I was thrilled to see this photograph of the elusive Heavy Metal Tiger!

3 Responses to “Cleaning Out The Bookmarks – Vol. 5 – The frizbee Edition”

  1. frizbee Says:

    Woohoo, my own edition of Cleaning Out The Bookmarks! I have to say, the stuff on this list that I didn’t provide is probably even cooler than the stuff I did. I always forget about Take Cover, which is just awesome. Thanks again, Eric!

  2. Javdoc Says:

    Funny timing. Was just discussing with a musician friend at work Dickinson versus Dio and Halford. Interesting to see a technician’s perspective on some of these guys. As an aside, the new Maiden album is pretty good, Bruce still sounds awesome at his age.

  3. theHoseman Says:

    Some pretty cool stuff to check out here! And who doesn’t love “Bengal Simmons”?!

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