Horror movie imagery has long played a part in many band’s esthetic.  Whether it’s bands like Alice Cooper, The Misfits, The Cramps, Gwar, Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, Twizted or even Rob Zombie, the allure of monsters, the undead and the occult is a vein that runs deep in rock n’ roll.

Add to that list another band, Werewolf Concerto, whose brand of thrash metal is heavily influenced by gory horror movies.  We recently sat down with the WC’s lead singer Jacob Wolfman and its drummer Kyle Davidson backstage in Washington, DC before their first show on The Aphelion Tour to talk with them about their influences and some of the pluses and minuses of being a band on the rise.

Figment News:  Where are you guys from and how did the band get started?

Jacob Wolfman:  We are from a small Massachusetts town named Wilbraham. It’s a quiet little place, although a really interesting thing is one of my favorite authors, H.P. Lovecraft modeled his fictional town, Dunwich after Wilbraham.

Kyle Davidson:  It all sort of started because me and Jacob enrolled in the same music school and got placed in a jazz ensemble together. After we played, we just started hanging out and jamming a lot, and we found we had a mutual love of metal and horror flicks. I knew Jim from school and we auditioned him for rhythm guitarist actually, but then our bass player-this kid named Mike- quit to join another band and Jim took up his role as bass player and we never got another rhythm guitarist.

FN:  You guys create quite a powerful sound for a power trio.  What’s your secret?

Jacob: Honestly I have no idea. After our original bassist, Mike, quit and then Jim took over bass we jammed out “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” by Black Sabbath, and it sounded tight. So, we just decided to never get a rhythm player after that.

Kyle: I also think that when a trio jams, they realize they have more responsibility on them, so they put in 110 % of effort. For example, Jacob had more pressure on him when we first jammed as a trio, so he put even more effort into it.

FN:  Wow, it’s been a quick and wild ride to the top for you guys?  You’ve released 2 full length albums and an EP this year and both albums have gone to #1 and the EP charted.  What’s that like?

Jacob:  It’s really crazy, dude. However, it is awesome! We never would have expected that our stuff would have been successful, but we are really thankful for it.

FN:  Has anyone’s ego gotten out of hand in the band?

Kyle:  Well, not until recently.

FN:  Speaking of band member’s ego’s, Blood-Thirsty Jim, your bass player, recently quit the band amid rumors of in-fighting.  Any plans for him to return?

Jacob: What happened with that was, his ego got really bloated, and he was fighting a lot with Kyle, almost to the point where it came to blows. I didn’t like seeing my two best friends fight like that, so I stepped in, but it only made things worse.

Kyle: Then, yesterday, the day before the first date of the biggest tour we have ever done, he calls us and says he has another project coming up and he quit. So, we don’t think he is gonna come back, however we had great times with him and he’ll always be our brother, so the door is still open.

FN:  Fabian Hallberg of Eternal Carnage has replaced Jim on a temporary basis.  Any idea who will be the permanent replacement?

Jacob: Not yet, but we may or may not hold auditions. It all depends on what happens. Fabian is a great bass player and a really nice dude, but he is really committed to Eternal Carnage and he doesn’t want to leave.  Which I don’t blame him for,  I wouldn’t want to leave Eternal Carnage either. (laughs)

FN:  Your band is clearly inspired by horror films.  Any personal faves that have served as inspirations?

Kyle: Well my favorites are the really gory ones, like any of the “Feast” movies or any of Romero’s zombie flicks.

Jacob: I like those ones too, but my favorites are the really old, vintage black and white classics. I love “Nosferatu” and the original “Carnival Of Souls”. However some newer series have been catching my eye like the “Hatchet” series and a couple years back a vampire flick came out called “30 Days Of Night” and I loved that.

Kyle: We are vampire purists. None of that Twilight garbage! (laughs)

FN:  What’s your songwriting process like?

Jacob: Well, usually I’ll come up with a riff and I’ll take it to Kyle, and we’ll just jam it out with different tempos and beats. Once we have the music portion of the song written, we’ll usually demo it, and then I’ll listen to it at home and write lyrics. I always write lyrics with a horror movie on though, for inspiration.

FN:  You guys are currently on tour with The Forgotten Falling, DeathBreth, Fragile Agony and Coffin Lords, a side-project you’re involved in Jacob.  What’s it like touring with such a successful lineup of bands?

Kyle: Well, its awesome, cause everyone on the roster is really nice and I love all the other bands. Although, it makes us put even more effort into our performance. Its hard to live up to these great bands!

FN:  Speaking of Coffin Lords, how did that project come together Jacob and what’s the future of that supergroup?

Jacob: Well, our label head, Adam Kerski. is friends with X, head of Fallen Records, and they got to talking about Werewolf Concerto. Then Adam tells X that I’m really good friends with Deathbreth’s drummer, Dumlaut. They then hatched the idea for a supergroup, and Adam called me, and I called Dumlaut, and Dumlaut called Fang from Gravestompers and Fang called Mike Seven from Death Face. We all got together and really clicked. As for the future, Dumlaut and I have been trading ideas and have actually written two or three songs. However, we don’t know when another record will come out as I don’t know if Fang has any plans with Gravestompers or if Mike Seven has plans with Death Face. He’s not even touring with us, cause he is also in Stonefly 45, who is on tour right now. So, Angelica Duon from Dying Unholy took his place for the tour.

FN:  How do the other members of the band feel about you being involved in another band, especially one that’s playing alongside them on a bill every night?  Is that one of the reasons Jim left the band?

Kyle: I know I’m cool with it. I enjoyed the record they put out.

Jacob: Jim never said anything about Coffin Lords. His problem was just what direction he wanted to go in musically and when someone didn’t see eye to eye with him, he got very aggressive.

FN:  Getting back to The Aphelion Tour, I noticed that not only are some of the bands on the tour playing Merchants of Metal IV, but you’re also going to be playing Halloween-Fest in Worcester, MA on Halloween night.  Aren’t you in Germany the night before?  And according your itinerary you’re supposed to be in Amsterdam on Nov. 1st.  How are you going to make all these gigs?

Jacob: Its gonna be tough, but Halloween-Fest was planned before The Aphelion Tour and I couldn’t not play it. It was my idea, one that I had since my childhood, and I just could not bring myself to miss the first annual one. So, I talked to The Aphelion Tour’s organizers and we planned it out. It’ll work, we’ll just have a lot of planes to catch.

FN:  Is your booking agent a sadist?

(Jacob and Kyle start laughing)

FN:  What’s next for Werewolf Concerto?

Kyle: Well, we brought out a mobile recording studio on tour with us, sort of like what Anton from Old Republic did with his solo record, and we have been writing some new tunes.

Jacob: I finished the lyrics to a song called “Vampirella” last night. We have like four songs written, so be patient. A new record will arrive in the coming months.

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  1. crypt_keeper Says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for choosing Werewolf Concerto for an interview!

  2. Childofalma Says:

    Wicked interview. The tour is going great and, just as a teaser, the new Coffin Lords Record is gonna be unstoppable!

  3. TMTYTF Says:

    Not bad, not bad at all. Just an FYI – The Trinity Tour finished up on 9/18, so I’m sure Mike Seven is available to rejoin Coffin Lords for the tour but you might wanna ask Death Face about that. I’m excited!

    Speaking of The Aphelion Tour, I think it’d be for for Coffin Lords to do a special one night only cover of “Neon Knights” by Black Sabbath with all the singers from the other bands

  4. crypt_keeper Says:

    Thats an awesome idea!

  5. theHoseman Says:

    Diggin’ the interview as always. Werewolf Concerto certainly has captured a jar full of lightning in their brief time on the scene.

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