LBR’s March Metal Madness!

March 16th, 2011

With all due respect to the NCAA, calling their annual college basketball tournament “March Madness” has always seemed a tad overstated…Madness?  Really?  If you want real madness you’ve got to check out Long Bong Records’ (LBR) March Metal Madness.  That is TRUE MADNESS!

LBR, purveyors of the finest stoner metal since March 2009, are celebrating their 2nd anniversary by releasing a new album every week in the month of March by some of their top artists as well as “met*al*lur*gy II:  Z to A”, a compilation of all of the artists on the label.

Better yet, Mr. Styx, the label’s VP of Public Relations and chief Spokesperson, contacted Figment News to let us know that any Figment player who purchases a copy of “met*al*lur*gy II” between the dates of March 19 – 26, 2011 may also pick up a copy of any album by an LBR artist without LBR receiving any lucre for the sale.  What does this mean?  Buy “met*al*lur*gy II” that week and you’ll get one album from any LBR artist for free!  According to Mr. Styx, it’s the label’s way of saying thanks, “We are grateful to the fans for their support of the bands, and the label, and this is our way of showing our thanks. This will be an ideal time to dig through the back catalogs of Zeroth or Crimson Eye, or finally pick up something from one of our lesser-known bands.”

Already March Metal Madness has featured the release on March 1st of Blackened Skull Ensemble’s latest self-titled LP, Kemia’s “The Ecstasy of Eternal Night” on March 8th, and this week’s release of Prog Metal giant Zeroth’s latest “Concentric Horizons”.  Upcoming weeks will see the release of the long awaited new album from doom/thrash titans Crimson Eye, and a live recording from the recent “Cacophony Tour” that featured Zeroth, Serpentinuum, Kemia, and The Great God Conspiracy.

With LBR home to such a diverse roster of metal acts, you’re sure to find a great release that will induce your own form of METAL MADNESS!  So go get your crazy on!

Happy Birthday LBR!

3 Responses to “LBR’s March Metal Madness!”

  1. javdoc Says:

    Thanks for the plug! I’ve really enjoyed the last 2 years on Figment, and as always appreciate everyone’s attention, compliments and support.

  2. Childofalma Says:

    \m/ >-< \m/

    Hail LBR!

  3. theHoseman Says:

    I concur with the above statement.
    Thanks Mr. Styx and LBR for all the great music and for the crazy fan appreciation package deal!

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