We recently issued our first Figment Challenge, and Figment player formerwageslave not only accepted the challenge he met it!  His post about his vintage 1971 Gibson SG 200/250 appeared today on VintageandRare.com’s blog.  So give it a read and check out VintageandRare.com when you get a chance, it’s a great site.  In the meantime, we’ll be depositing 25,000 pieces of lucre in formerwageslave’s account!  Stay tuned, because more challenges will be issued soon.

We’re starting a new feature here on the Figment News blog called Figment Challenges!  What is a Figment Challenge?  It’s a way for one or more Figment players to earn a special Lucre reward for taking on an assigned challenge that tests the abilities they use to create fake bands.

We’ve noticed that many of our players are musicians in real life.  We’ve also noticed that many of you are great writers, who can easily and concisely write about your love of music, real and fake.  So for our first Figment Challenge we’re looking for one player who owns a vintage instrument and is willing to write about why they love that instrument, and how playing it has inspired the bands they create on Figment.  That article will appear on VintageandRare.com, a website that provides professional musical instrument dealers and builders with a place to have a virtual store and web presence.  With over 400 dealers in 27 countries, VintageandRare.com is a great place to look for vintage, rare and hand/custom built musical equipment.

To select the player who will accept the challenge, we’ll need all entrants to leave a brief synopsis of their article below as a comment.  Keep in mind we’re looking for a player who not only owns a vintage, rare or hand/custom built instrument, but one who can also speak to how playing it has inspired their work on Figment.  Leave your comment below and we’ll pick the best one at the end of this week.  The player who is selected will have 1 week to deliver their article to us for the VintageandRare.com blog.  When that article is posted they’ll be rewarded with 25,000 pieces of lucre.  That will certainly buy you some virtual instruments in the Figment Gear Store!

We’ll be announcing other challenges from time to time here on Figment, so if you have any ideas please feel free to share them.  Now who is ready to accept Figment Challenge #1?