Visual Vitriol Contest Winner!

October 21st, 2011

Well, while we didn’t have the quantity of entries we would have liked, we did have the quality!   So I’m happy to announce that David Ensminger, author of the great new book Visual Vitriol:  The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generation, has selected the winner and 2 runners up in our Figment Visual Vitriol Contest.  I’ll turn it over to David to announce who won:


Mine Shaft Gig Flyer

created by thehoseman

David:  For me, this flyer sums up much of the traditional punk flyer street art aesthetic in a nugget form, compressed and purposeful. The band names are cut and paste jobs, each lifted from different typography, the dates and gig location are hand-scrawled, and the imagery —  Dada-punk collage style — reinforces several longlasting punk tropes, including boomboxes, which Joe Strummer of The Clash used to drag around in New York City in 1981, and gas masks, signaling the apocalypse or nuclear war. The fish head feels both mutant and like a warning: will we die like radiated fish upriver from a nuclear plant? Have our heads already been chopped off? The skulls, typical in punk art, harness the dark side of horror punk, it’s fascination with killing fields…One of my favorite records by The Red Aunts is called “Ghetto Blaster,” while one of my fave At The Drive-In records, “Vaya,” features a ghetto blaster on its cover, so I warmed to this flyer right away.


David decided to award a tie to the other two poster designs.  We will award each player who designed the posters with 30,000 pieces of Lucre each!

Baked Sale Tour Poster

created by FuriousGrace

David:  The Baked Sale Tour poster features really rough punk vernacular action as well. I like the rhetorical use of text, the ponderous questions, the ironic diet clichés, juxtaposed to the fat-drenched bake sale, the cake in the foreground, and the alliteration of the D sounds in the decadent clipping.  The typography is insistent, scrawled, stolen and battered, but it lacks the searing historic links avidly embedded in Mine Shaft.

Live at the Zebra Bar Tour Poster

created by Halokitzen

David:  The Live at The Zebra bar is an enticing slice of vernacular color art, hand-drawn, enigmatic, and inventive, but it seems more like an indie rock flyer, due its choice of funky off-blue color washes, biomorphic body types, and candy-colored lettering. This woud make for a terrific Guided by Voices or Pavement poster. Funny, humorous, but lacking in bile, vitriol, and punch. I do like the blemished appeal, the irony, and the raw spirit.

Thank you, all three, for contributing your work.

Congratulations to all three of our participants!  thehoseman will be receiving 50,000 pieces of Lucre and a copy of David’s book Visual Vitriol.  Furious Grace and Halokitzen will be receiving 30,000 each.  Thanks to all three for taking the time to create these great DIY posters.

Figment Challenge #2 Met!

October 18th, 2011

So thanks to the players who accepted Figment Challenge #2.  We had four submissions and they were all good.  I love seeing what you guys can do w/ an image, especially when you’re all working from with the same one!  It was tough to pick a winner, but we thought this design not only showed it’s creator’s sense of humor, but also had some great design touches.

So the winner of Figment Challenge #2 is:

So congratulations to poppinfresh for not only accepting and meeting our Figment Challenge #2, but exceeding it as well with his great design for Let’s Not and Say We Did’s “That Dog Won’t Hunt” cover!  We’ll be depositing 2,000 pieces of Lucre in his account and he’ll be allowed to release his album on Figment, so congrats poppinfresh!  We loved those chalk drawings!

The next best design in our opinion was from FuriousGrace for her cover of Malaika’s “Me and My Shadow”.  She’ll be receiving 1,500 pieces of Lucre for her design.  We loved the use of color and the font choice – and flipping the image gave it some more impact.

3rd place went to thehoseman for his design for The Beggars “Cheddar Blast”.  Again, nice flip and use of only the shadow as the main image.  We liked the font choice also.

The fourth submission was from Tyman for his band Decrease Magnum’s album “Messed Up World”, and we’ve decided that for accepting the challenge we’re going to award him 250 pieces of Lucre.

Thanks to everyone who accepted our latest challenge, and be on the lookout for the next one because we’ll be issuing it real soon!


Everyone creates their fake album covers at a different pace, but with our latest Figment Challenge we want to see if you can create one in record time (pun intended).  Here’s how it’s going to work, we provide you with an image – the one above – and you have until midnight ET Monday, October 17, 2011 to create an album cover for it.  You can create  the cover for an existing or new band of your creation.   You can manipulate the image in any way you see fit, but we have to be able to discern that the primary elements of the image are still present in your design.  We’d also like to point out that many a fake album on Figment has climbed the charts because of a clever album title, so design isn’t the only way you can grab our attention in this challenge.

When you are done creating your album cover send it to customerservice at or simply use the feedback link at the bottom of any page on Figment.  We’ll take a look at the designs and give out lucre awards to the Top 3 designs.  1st place will receive 2,000 pieces of Lucre, 2nd place will receive 1,500 pieces of Lucre and 3rd place will receive 1,000 pieces of Lucre.  The player whose design is selected as the #1 design may also release the album on Figment.  Again, your design must be received by no later than midnight ET on Monday, October 17, 2011.