Become The Havoc Track Listing!

September 19th, 2012

We tasked TMTYTF and algoreyou with the tough assignment of coming up with the songs for Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse’s debut record “Become The Havoc.”  We’re thrilled to announce that they have completed the task and come up with some songs that are not only worthy, but otherworldly!   So here they are…

Different Dimensions

In A Fist

Corpse Defiling Machine


Hell of a Headcase

Profane Mass

Undying Blitz

Deathgrind Nation

Hymn of the Electric Chair

Become The Havoc

The Moshing Anthem (Courtesy of Rossi’s Posse)

Blood Feast

Dripping Acid


Wow, that’s top notch guys.  Thanks!  We’ll be depositing 500 pieces of Lucre in each of their accounts for all of their hard work on this assignment.  Next up, FuriousGrace has the unenviable hard task of writing the liner notes for this magnum opus.  We can hardly wait!!!!


10 Responses to “Become The Havoc Track Listing!”

  1. frizbee Says:

    Those are some awesome track names. I particularly love “Murderabilia” and “Hymn of the Electric Chair”. I love clever, wordplay things like that. Great job, guys!

  2. Childofalma Says:

    Damn! I’m gonna pre-order this album!

  3. FuriousGrace Says:

    Fantastic job! Here’s hoping I can manage to do even half so well!

  4. TMTYTF Says:

    Oh man, all I can say is…coming up with songs like these was fun as hell!!!

  5. algoreyou Says:

    I also had a ton of fun with this. I can’t wait to see what FuriousGrace comes up with, cause I’m sure it will be superb.

  6. Raybo Says:

    Just pure awesomeness. NOW it’s all making sense.

    The egg has cracked. And the yolk is everywhere.

    Nice work.

  7. TMTYTF Says:

    @ Frizbee, those songs you like were algoreyou’s picks. You didn’t like any of my songs? Haha jk.

  8. frizbee Says:

    I think all the song titles are awesome, but those ones just stuck out the most. I love clever song titles like that, and I always try to come up with clever titles of my own when I’m working on my stuff (i.e. Dungeons & Drag Queens from “EPIC!”)

  9. theHoseman Says:

    Well played gentlemen, well played. That is a pretty nice collection of titles that seem to fit right in with the direction this project is heading.
    “Murderabilia” was definitely the big one that stuck out to me as well, but the whole list is right in the wheel house.

  10. poppinfresh Says:

    Everyone who’s worked on this project has done a super job — it’s really something to be proud of. Can’t wait until it’s released!

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