Industry Insiders is a series of interviews with music professionals who work on both the creative and business sides of the industry.  We’ll talk to the people who help musicians create, market and distribute their music to give you an idea of what it’s really like to work in the music industry.

Tom Whalley, the former CEO of Warner Bros. Records & Head of A&R at Interscope Records, once said, “The hardest thing to do in the world in this business is start a band no one’s heard of.”

That statement may never ring more true then in this digital age where music is ubiquitous both in terms of its scope and accessibility. So how does a band stand out amidst the musical clutter, and what role do record labels still play in this process?  We decided to find out by talking to Eric Morse, Director of Content + Commerce at Warner Music Group.  Eric has a diverse background, having worked as a musician, designer, music journalist, gallery owner, website founder and marketing executive.  He talked to us about his role at Warner Music Group, how he helps bands market their music on the web, and the importance creativity plays in his job.

The Job: Eric talks to us about his position as Director, Content + Commerce at WMG and what he does on a daily basis.


The Role of Marketing At A Major Label: Eric explains how the digital marketing team he runs interacts with the other departments at each WMG label.


Digital Marketing & How To Build A Fan Base Online: Eric takes us through some of the strategies that his team at WMG employs to develop, build and engage an online fan base for their artists.


Buzz: We talk about the importance of buzz in breaking a band, and what role his team plays in trying to build it for WMG artists.


Working In The Music Industry: Eric talks about his career track, how it led to his current job, and what Figment players can do to start their own career in the music biz.


The Importance of Creativity: We talk about Trampoline House, the award winning online art & culture website that Eric founded, it’s role as his creative sandbox, and tips for Figment players looking to improve how they market their bands.


We’d like to thank Eric for taking the time to do this interview.  You can find out more about Eric by –

Following him on Twitter.

Following him on Tumblr.

Checking out Trampoline House.

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  1. Riki Milligan Says:

    This was a really great interview. I especially loved how laid back he seemed throughout the entire interview. Here’s this guy who’s been in the industry for years, and has worked in so many different areas within the industry, yet he doesn’t seem jaded by it. He’s not trying to shove anything down our throats, and often times he seems to pine for the good old days of music like the rest of us.

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