The internet is a treasure trove of arcane stuff that’s not always easy to uncover, but fear not, because I, and at least one other Figment player, have scoured the interwebs to bring you this very special “Spinal Tap” Vol. 11 Edition of Cleaning Out The Bookmarks…

Let’s get it started with this great Buzzfeed article sent to us by Figment player frizbee.  It details “17 Ways to Make Graphic Designers Cringe”.   I know I’ve made a few cringe in my time, how about you?

And speaking of design, ever wonder what happens to the people whose pictures adorn famous album covers?  Well, NME tracked a few down.

Don’t call it a comeback, because to many vinyl never went away.  Eilon Paz, a Brooklyn based photographer, started “Dust and Grooves”, his interview-based photography project, to document various vinyl collectors around the world.  It’s a pretty cool collection of interviews and photos with fellow music junkies that he’s compiling into a Kickstarter funded book (yours truly was a backer) so check it out!

To many, Metal is more than just a music genre, it’s their life.  So why not live that life in one of “The 5 Most Metal Places On Earth”.

A lot of musicians think they have that something special.  Jennifer Yeko, President of True Talent Management, wants them to ask themselves, Do You Want a Music Career?  Or a Handout?

And while we’re on the subject of what you need to do to have a career in music, Thor Harris has some rules regarding “How To Tour In A Band” he’d like to share.

God knows Jay-Z and Beyonce know the first rule when it comes to a music career.  Protect your intellectual AND personal property people!

And frizbee provided us with this great comic from The Oatmeal detailing the current state of the music industry.

Inspiration takes many forms, but Jazz record covers inspired by the HBO Show “Homeland”?  Now that’s cool daddy-o.

According to this “D News” report, Figment isn’t the only place fake bands are on the rise.

And to end this very special “Spinal Tap” edition of “Cleaning Out the Bookmarks”, we’d like to leave you with this classic design snafu courtesy of “the Tap”.

Until next time, surf’s up, but don’t get caught in the tubes!

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  1. frizbee Says:

    The NME article is great. As always, I love articles regarding cover art, but I always wonder about the people that grace those covers, so it’s interesting to learn more about them.

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