There are a lot of fake bands on Figment, 2,377 at the time of this post, but a lot of them have been abandoned by players who either got tired of developing them or simply popped in to try their hands at creating a band and lost interest soon after.  Regardless, there are some hidden treasures buried among these bands, and we aim to cast a spotlight on them and their creators in a new feature we call “Lost and Found”.

To kick off the first “Lost and Found” we’d like to spotlight Figment player Subversyve.  While Subversyve hasn’t been on the site in almost 5 years he did create some great fake bands in his short stint on Figment.  Whether it was the chronic reggae sounds of Ganja Elation Nation, the meat-head country of Dewett Clintock, the conspiracy theory rantings of Lazlo Fletcher or the Guatemalan Deathcore of Pushmower, Subversyve’s output was small but incredibly diverse.  He was never the best designer, although his album covers are good, but his writing was spot on and helped to make his bands believable.

Take Lazlo Fletcher for instance, the conspiracy theorist host of AM 1040’s “The Lazlo Fletcher Show”.  To this day I’ve yet to see anyone else on Figment create a spoken word album like “The Global Takeover Files Vol. 1” , but Subversyve did.  Check out the detail in Lazlo’s bio, the great band image and the hysterical journey into “the dark heart of the International Neo-Con Cabals” that is “The Global Takeover Files Vol. 1”.

Once you’ve taken that journey, take a spin into the xenophobic, misogynistic world of Dewett Clintock, whose “love it or leave it” brand of country has a comic bite that takes definite aim at flag-waving rednecks.  Dewett’s bio is funny, his lone album “Respect The Lady” is classic,  but it’s the level of depth that Subversyve put into Dewett’s “Band News” that really fleshes out the Clintock legend.  So check out Dewett with your tongue firmly in cheek.

MC Ratty Fireye (get it?), is the leader of Subversyve’s reggae band Ganja Elation Nation, and while this is probably the least original of Subversyve’s figments, he has created a reggae band that is believable.  I especially like the album cover for the band’s lone release “Sea of Green.”

And then there’s Subversyve’s magnum opus, Pushmower.  Who else could create a Guatemalan Deathcore band?  Better yet one with an expired work visa!?  I won’t even bother waxing poetic about this band, just do yourself a favor and check ’em out!

While all of Subversyve’s figments are clearly meant to entertain, they still have an air of reality to them.  They are believable even though they are funny, which is, for lack of a better way of saying it, Subversyve to say the least!


4 Responses to “Lost and Found – Subversyve”

  1. formerwageslave Says:

    This is both a promising, long-needed feature, and a great window into past Figment accomplishments. Can’t wait to read future installments!!

  2. frizbee Says:

    This is a great idea. It always saddens me to see so many bands that have just been left to rot. They’re not always grade A material, but it’s still sad to see the player just give up so quickly. It’s even sadder to see so many formerly active players go MIA.

  3. FuriousGrace Says:

    What a great feature! Over 2k bands is hard to sift through, so it’s great having a feature that highlights the bands of the past or that have been long ignored.

  4. theHoseman Says:

    Another cool feature! A remember stumbling upon subversyve’s creations early on in my Figment youth. You hit the nail on the head with your assessment of the writing. And, diversity? Subversyve gives us that in spades.

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