Self-titled or eponymous albums abound in the rock and pop worlds.  Whether it’s a debut artist trying to establish their name or an established artist making a statement, releasing a self-titled record is an attention grabber because it’s a defining record and is usually only done once in an artist’s career, unless you’re Peter Gabriel.  As a result, it comes with a corresponding risk – if the album is good it burnishes your band’s name and cred, but if it’s bad it can become the record that signifies your downfall.  Monkey Goggles did a great post on the subject a few years back.

Pressure?  You bet.  That’s why it’s the perfect Figment Challenge.  So for Challenge #4 we’d like you to create a self-titled album for one of your Figments.  It can be the debut release from a new band or one by an existing band you’ve created.  We’ll be judging the albums on cover design, album description and song titles.  Please do not release the album on Figment. Simply submit the album cover design, description and song titles to customerservice at or use the “Feedback” link at the bottom of any page on Figment. All entries must be received by Friday, August 30th, 2013 at 12 pm ET to qualify.

Please note that NO self-titled albums previously released on Figment will be eligible, and any self-titled albums released on Figment between August 15, 2013 and September 6, 2013 WILL NOT be considered eligible entries in this challenge.

The top 3 designs will be posted on the Figment News blog on Friday, September 6th, 2013.  The winner of the challenge will receive 5,000 pieces of Lucre, while the runners up will receive 3,000 for second place and 1,500 for third place.

So good luck, and remember if you’re going to put your name on it, it better be good!

Lost and Found – ksoard

August 6th, 2013

There are a lot of fake bands on Figment, but a lot of them have been abandoned by players who either got tired of developing them or simply popped in to try their hands at creating a band and lost interest soon after.  Regardless, there are some hidden treasures buried among these bands, and we aim to cast a spotlight on them and their creators in “Lost and Found”.


ksoard is the focus of this installment of “Lost and Found.” She hasn’t been on the site in almost four and a half years, and yet the two bands she created could just as easily be found on the charts now as they were then.  Better yet, both bands couldn’t be more different stylistically.  Vestige is clearly an alternative rock band with dark overtones while Felt Tip Marker evoke a clear indie pop/rock feel.

With little or no band description ksoard is able to provide her bands with a clear identity purely through her use of appropriate images and font choices. Take Vestige’s “Of Flesh and Blood” for instance, one look and you know this is a band whose sound is heavy and certainly not mainstream fare.  Could the font choice be a bit better?  Maybe, but even the font gives it a alternative indie feel in my opinion, and when you combine it with the cover image you don’t need visuals of gore to feel the doom that lies within.

Felt Tip Marker on the other hand, give off a much lighter, fun, indie pop sensibility.  Again, the band description is minimal to say the least, but the band’s album covers, album and song titles (“This Song is NOT About You, Maybe”), and even its name give you a clear picture of what the band is all about.

Judging from these two bands and her Figment album collection, I can only surmise that ksoard’s taste in music runs the gamut, and because of that it’s a shame she didn’t continue to play our game.  I can only imagine what other types of bands she might have formed and how much her album cover designs, etc. would have progressed.

Regardless, we can get a pretty clear picture of her musical tastes in these two bands, and that’s why I for one still remember them.  Hopefully, you’ll take the time to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with them as well.

Font of Knowledge

August 1st, 2013

Figment player frizbee recently sent me a great post on FontMeme that provides info on the fonts used on a variety of rock and pop album covers. Simply click on the album cover and you’ll get a full explanation of the font used and the ability to download it for free!  Pretty cool right?  But it doesn’t end there, no siree!  They also have fonts for everything from car logos to food and even movie posters.  FontMeme is a great site if you’re looking to mimic the look and feel of your favorite band logo, etc., so stick it in your tool belt. Thanks frizbee!