If you remember, Figment Challenge #4 was to create a self-titled album for either a new or existing fake band of your creation.  The self-titled albums would be judged on their cover design, album description and song titles, with the real test being whether the album you created best represented the band you created.  We were thrilled with the quality of the entries we received, and believe me it wasn’t an easy vote, but vote we did and here are the results!


Winning Self-Titled EP!


Design by humanblooper

Pragmatica’s self-titled EP is the epitome of duplicity. By employing a three part song structure, told in a continuing narrative, “Pragmatica” delves into mythical territory with their boldest release to date.

Recorded under the title, “Pragmatica: Ardens Apotheca”, the name was shortened during the mixing process at the behest of lead singer, Jed Lincoln. The first two tracks (chapters) are Latin in origin. “Omnia”, meaning, “Everything Is…”, opens with a lean & mean bass line from Xander Cook. “Ardens Apotheca”(“The Burning Store”), is a piano ballad that gives way to blistering guitar work from the mystifying, Scott Abbott.

The third and final segment of this musical saga carries the band’s name, “Pragmatica”. Spanning over seven minutes, the title track is worthy of its name. A chameleon of bounding rhythms and melodious lyrics, “Pragmatica” surges from one chorus to the next, combining what sounds like several songs into one. It’s the ultimate mash-up for any Pragmatica fan, and a track that won’t soon be forgotten.

When the EP is played from beginning to end, a sonic kaleidoscope is unfolded, and by the final note, the world becomes a more magical place, if only for a little while.


1. Omnia (3:48)

2. Ardens Apotheca (5:31)

3. Pragmatica (7:20)

Editor’s Note:  We selected Pragmatica’s self-titled EP, because it really was a complete statement about the band.  From the cover art to the concept behind the EP and even the songs, you really get a feel for the band, and better yet it’s an album we’d all buy in a heartbeat.  So well done humanblooper, you met the challenge and now you get to reap the rewards.  We’ll be depositing 5,000 pieces of Lucre in your account post haste!


1st Runner Up

“Summer’s Passing”

Design by Tyman

Summer’s Passing has done a lot in their career so far. They became the first melodic deathcore band, and they became one of the most popular modern Norwegian bands (though they’re not black metal). But this time around, it was time to experiment. They’ve already done a metalcore album, so… why not a straight up, brutal deathcore album? They went back to their heavier roots, and decided to go from there. The result: a self-titled album like no other. Featuring new songs such as “Human to Lamb (Daily Sacrifice),” “Ritual,” and “Run While You Still Can.” This album is especially for death metal fans, and is a treat for deathcore fans.

1. Scared Yet?

2. Ritual

3. The Flames Burn On

4. So I Hear You Like Horror Movies…

5. Sleep Forever, Die Temporarily

6. Human to Lamb (Daily Sacrifice)

7. Houston, We Have an Apocalypse

8. Run While You Still Can

9. Laser Dogs (WTF Is This I Don’t Even)

10. The Terror Never Ends

11. Deadly Thoughts

Producer: Haakon Johansen, Greg Hert
Engineer: DADARKLORD!!, P.F. Gunther

Editor’s Note:  We selected Summer’s Passing’s self-titled album because the band chose this album to experiment, a risky proposition to say the least, but one that they passed with flying colors in our opinion.  From the brutal cover art to the equally brutal song titles, this is a band that’s not afraid to show it’s audience a new dimension of it’s sound and we believe it would not only sell well, but would likely expand this band’s fan base.  So congrats Tyman, for taking Summer’s Passing to the next level you’ll be rewarded with 3,000 pieces of Lucre!


2nd Runner Up

“Chad Phantom and the Nobody Panic”

Design by Raybo

Some people might wonder why a piping-hot band from across the pond, on the eve of launching their sophomore album, would decide to take acid during a live television broadcast. But that’s exactly what they did.

A Late Night legend was literally left speechless by the band’s destructive hijinx, and by the time they had finished their set (and thrashed a pop culture cathedral), the fire department and police were called.

Things went from bad to worse. Fast. Chad Phantom and his cohorts were arrested, but the charges were dropped by the network the following day.

Strangely, at an afternoon press release, Phantom acted as if the whole thing never happened. He continued pushing the new album, never missing a beat.

“We wanted to call the first album, CHAD PHANTOM AND THE NOBODY PANIC,” Chad recalls. “When it came time to press the covers, we took a band vote, spurned on by some label bullshit, and ultimately made the change. It was the right call, but for the second one, we always knew what we were gonna call it.”

When asked about his drug-fueled debacle the previous evening (and the world wide internet explosion that followed), Mr. Phantom shook his head and, without a hint of irony, replied:

“Some things are without rhyme or reason. This was one of those things.”


The Drop

Gypsy Flicker

Torch and a Pitchfork

Punk Redundancy

Mourning Star

Can of Hash


War Horn

The Cringe


An Inch of His Life

The Mark Street Prison Quartet

Black Eyelash


The Drift


Editor’s Note:  We selected this self-titled album as the second runner up for obvious reasons, as befits their name nobody panicked.  Not many bands can release a self-titled record and then promote it by destroying a TV studio on live TV, but Chad Phantom and the Nobody Panic did.  In fact, their album description was so damn rock n’ roll we’ve decided to up their second runner up prize from 1,500 pieces of Lucre to 2,000.  After all, they’ll need the extra 500 Lucre to pay for all the damages.  Rock ‘N Roll!

So thanks to everyone who took the challenge!  And stay tuned for more!


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5 Responses to “Figment Challenge #4 Met – Pragmatica!”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    Wow! Great stuff folks! Congratulations to the three of you for some wonderful work!

  2. frizbee Says:

    These are some awesome selections. I was floored by the Pragmatica artwork immediately. I’m not typically a huge fan of albums consisting of only a handful of ridiculously long songs, mainly because I just don’t have the attention span for that, but I would buy that album in a heartbeat. Great work, everyone!

  3. human blooper Says:

    Wow. Thank you very much for the accolades. I am humbled and very appreciative of this award. Oh, and Frizbee, there is only one ridiculously long song on this EP, and it has been several thousand heartbeats, yet you still don’t own the album. You, sir, are a liar. And of course, I’m just messing with you. But still, buy the album already. 🙂

  4. poppinfresh Says:

    Excellent albums! Congrats all around!

  5. frizbee Says:

    Bought and paid for, my good man. My apologies for the hesitation; my schedule has been crazy.

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