Dear Figment community:

After five and a half years, it’s time for a change.  Figment the game is going to be shutting down.  Sad?  A bit, but exciting at the same time, because with every ending a new beginning presents itself.  Over the past five and half years we’ve all contributed to building a community of people who connected over a common love of music and the art that conveys that music.  It’s a community that we’re very proud to have helped create and one that we believe is worth preserving.

Our community is a small one, but an incredibly devoted one.  A place where we’ve seen friendships grow and a sense of community in the truest sense develop.  Our community is one that supports musical expression through design, and is one that is not only an outlet for but an extension of our love for music.

We’d like to take that idea and expand on it.  We believe that the core value of Figment is our community’s love of music, both real and imagined.  So why not allow you to design artwork – album covers, flyers, billboards, etc. – without being constrained by our current game’s fake environment.  Why not also allow you to share the music that inspired your designs – whether they’re fake or real.  To do this we’ll be creating a site that’s not a game per se, although it will include some aspects of gamification, but rather a place where you can share your real and fake designs, and talk about them with other members of the community we’ve all created.

Do you know of a local band that you’d love others to hear?
Create some artwork for them and post it or share their music with the community and challenge them to create artwork for it.

Do you love a new song by your favorite artist?
Why not create a piece of art that expresses that – an album cover, a flyer, anything.

Have an idea for a band that doesn’t exist and want to see if others like it?
Create a fake band just like you’ve done in the past and share it with the community.  Who knows, maybe we can even get some of the more musical members of our community to bring that fake band to life.

And that leads us to the question – why are we shutting down Figment?  Well, quite simply, because it’s become more of a deterrent to our growth as a community than a help.  When we launched Figment in 2008 social gaming was in its infancy and there certainly weren’t any games sites out there trying to tackle what we at Figment set out to do.  As a result, we had to build our own infrastructure, create our own community and do it all on a shoestring budget.  We accomplished all of those things albeit with some fits and starts, but unfortunately the costs were so high that it left little to further develop the game in a way that would make it more self-sustaining.  As our costs have eaten into our funding our ability to attract and keep new players has shrunk, and so the game itself has become an obstacle to the growth of the community.  And it’s the community that we believe is Figment’s legacy, something we can build on as a group and in doing create something new that furthers our collective love of music and design.

So while the game as you’ve known is ending, we hope you’ll embrace our enthusiasm for this new beginning and help us to create a better site for music inspired design.  For those of you wondering what will happen to your “figments”, please don’t worry they AREN’T going to disappear from the web.  In early December we’ll be taking the game site down and transitioning it’s vast library of bands to a read-only site.  This may take a month or so, but rest assured that you’re “figments” will live on.

So when will the new community launch?  Well that’s still being determined, but hopefully as soon as possible.  We’d like you to be involved in the process, so we’ll keep you posted and invite you to join as soon as we can.  We hope you’ll continue to play in our sandbox!

Thanks for being such loyal and incredibly creative members of the Figment community.  We appreciate each and every one of you.


Eric and Larry