August 20th, 2009


Here on Figment we are always in search of experts who can provide our users with feedback on their fake band creations.  We call these people Industry Heavyweights and you can tell who is a Heavyweight by looking for this figment-IH-icon icon.  If you see the “H” pick by their name that user is an Industry Heavyweight and if they become a fan of your band, buy or listen to one of your albums or provide you with a review/shout you’ll earn more lucre than if an normal user did the same.

Up until now, the only people we’ve made Industry Heavyweights are people who work in the music industry or the media, but starting today that changes.  From this point forward we will making one user who we feel has earned it an opportunity to be an Industry Heavyweight for one month.  He/She will be able to throw their weight around and reward those bands they feel deserve it and provide reviews to any band they see fit on the site.  Needless to say this person has to be someone who has distinguished themselves on the site, so not only will we be making them an Industry Heavyweight, but we’ll also be paying them a one-time fee of 500 pieces of lucre for their expertise!

So who is the first user to receive this award?  None other than the mastermind behind Fait Accompli – overground.  Overground has been a Figment user for over a year now and has systematically built Fait Accompli into one of the strongest and most popular fake bands on Figment.  We are continually impressed by his work and are thrilled to make him the first user to be named an Industry Heavyweight.  Congrats overground, start throwing your weight around!

The Inquisitive Heavyweight!

November 20th, 2008

Figment is pleased to announce that Curiosity, the leader of the Gothic Lolita Industrial band of the same name, has agreed to become the latest Figment Industry Heavyweight.  An independent artist who writes, sings, performs and produces all of her own material, Curiosity creates her own style of moody, hard-hitting piano-centered digital synth music layered with heavy guitars.

Although based in Chicago, Curiosity dresses in the puffy, lace-covered Japanese Gothic Lolita style of Harajuku street fashion.  She speaks fluent Japanese, with some of her songs containing Japanese lyrics intertwined with English.  The band’s current lineup features Curiosity on vocals, keyboards and guitars, supported by the charming angel fairy guitarist Noël Heresy.  The two will be touring Japan in January of 2009 in support of Curiosity’s upcoming Liquorice EP release.

Curiosity will be reviewing Figment releases and buying/listening to those releases she feels warrant it.  We’ll also be announcing a contest soon to win a copy of Curiosity’s newest EP as well as some other band swag, so be on the lookout!!!  In the meantime, check out her MySpace page where you can hear some of her music, check out her videos, read her blog, keep up with tour dates and maybe even become her friend!

Figment is proud to announce that Vince Neilstein, co-founder of Metal Sucks a blog devoted to the intelligent discussion of all things metal, has agreed to become an industry heavyweight on Figment.  Vince will be reviewing metal bands on Figment and rewarding those lucky few he thinks deserve it by buying and listening to their albums.  So if you’ve already created a metal band on Figment be on the lookout for Vince’s feedback, and if you haven’t there’s no better time than the present.

Vince co-founded Metal Sucks with Axl Rosenberg in December of 2006, because “there was no online heavy metal community where intelligent thoughtful discussion took place, so we decided to create our own.”  Committed to “breaking the stereotype that metalheads are a bunch of ignorant neanderthals” Metal Sucks provides up-to-the-minute metal news, reviews and interviews with some of the biggest bands on the scene, all with a sense of humor and style that make it a must read for those in the metal community.

So be on the lookout for Vince’s reviews and pay Metal Sucks a visit, it’s a great read.

What is an Industry Heavyweight?

February 12th, 2008

You may have seen this symbol Industry Heavyweight Icon next to a comment on a band page or a review on an album page and wondered what the hell is that?  Well, it’s the mark of the Industry Heavyweight (don don daaaaah)!  So what is an Industry Heavyweight?  Industry Heavyweights are Figment site administrators, professionals from the real music industry (record label employees, musicians, publicity agents, music journalists, etc.) and distinguished Figment players who can favorite bands, buy albums and listen to them just like any other registered Figment user.  The difference is that they carry more clout because when they favorite a band, buy/listen to an album or review a band/album they award the creator of that band more lucre than a normal registered Figment user.  What they can’t do is earn any lucre themselves!  So just like in the real music industry you’re hoping to get the attention of an industry heavyweight.  To get a feel for the additional lucre you can earn check out our blog entry on how the Figment Charts and Lucre System works.