We’re very excited to announce that the band we tasked you with building in our Let’s Build A Band feature has taken one more step towards completion!  Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse now have a logo!  frizbee, with encouragement from formerwageslave, designed the logo and we’ll leave it to him to describe his design process:

I tried approaching the logo from a few different angles. formerwageslave and I both agreed that a name like Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse sounded like the kind of band you’d see playing along side bands like Reverend Horton Heat or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but then ChildofAlma’s Shock-and-Awe Sensory Assault Blackened Deathgrind genre really threw us for a loop. It was a tricky combination to design for. I wanted something that felt sleek, something fitting of a name like Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse, but something that also let you know that the band was metal. I didn’t want the logo to be too metal, mainly because I felt that it wouldn’t fit the name of the band if the logo looked like your stereotypical metal band logo. I went in a few different directions, from a more classy, almost Steampunk look, to a more old-school, distressed Rockabilly flyer look. The logo I finally decided upon is entirely made from scratch. I decided that I needed to create my own text for the logo, rather than relying on the various fonts in my arsenal. I didn’t have anything that fit the vibe I was aiming for: sleek, but menacing. I created the sharp pointed text in Adobe Illustrator, and I initially intended to include the full band name, but I thought it felt cluttered and wound up going with the more simplistic VR logo. Once I had the text created, I imported it into Photoshop to complete the look of the logo. I added a nice grungy texture background, as well as a scratched metal texture to the logo itself in order to add to the overall impression I was trying to make. I added a few layer styles, such as a drop shadow, bevel and emboss, and a gradient, which helped make the logo stand out against the background and appear more realistic. I also added a small light flare to add to the sleekness of the logo. The blood spatter is actually a nod to my first design, which played very heavily with the blood spatter. In fact, the entire second half of the band name was written in blood in my first design. I decided that it was a bit too much, but I liked the idea of incorporating the blood spatter into this particular logo to help add to the “metal” feel of the band. I’m very happy with the way the logo turned out, and it puts out exactly the vibe that I wanted. The gleaming metallic VR doesn’t necessarily scream “metal” at first glance-it almost reminds you of a hood ornament on some classic car, but then you take in the dark, grungy background and the mysterious spots of blood and you realize that there’s more to this band than meets the eye.

We think it’s a great logo and we hope you do too!  Let frizbee know what you think of his design by leaving a comment below.

Tyman is next on the clock with an assignment to create the band members (needless to say he doesn’t have to create Victor) and an idea of the musical equipment they play.  We expect some interesting choices given the band’s name, tagline, and genre!  Tyman you have until April 13th to send us your assignment, so get to work!

Tagline…Your It!

March 2nd, 2012

For those of you who haven’t been following the process, we’ve been building a band together here on Figment News. While we won’t waste your time with a complete explanation of the process, we can tell you that our band is a Shock-And-Awe Sensory Assault Blackened Deathgrind (SASABD) band called Victor Rossi and His Big Fat Posse.

Now we’re the first to admit that this is not your “typical band”, but that’s the fun of this exercise creating something that’s not only never been done before, but that is also a true reflection of every player that is participating.

So in this fast-paced world of every changing musical tastes how do you market a Shock-And-Awe Sensory Assault Blackened Deathgrind band in one sentence? That was the task we gave to theHoseman, whose skill in creating memorable taglines netted him a coveted Figgie back in 2010. Well, for one thing you don’t rush him.  He may have taken almost all of his allotted time to settle on a tagline, but in the end it was the first one that popped into his head that he felt best summed up this band.

So without further adieu. Here is our band’s new tagline!

One for your head, two and your dead!

Ominous, threatening, and a bit cryptic…sounds perfect for a SASABD band if you ask us!  Is it the band counting off the beginning of a song in their own unique way, a drug reference or simply a twisted take on the opening lines of the Carl Perkins song “Blue Suede Shoes” made famous by the so-called King of Rock N’ Roll, Elvis Presley?  Hmm…now that’s an interesting angle…is Victor Rossi the evil doppelgänger of Elvis?  Or vice versa?  I guess we’ll find out as we enter the design and writing portion of this process.

Up next is the Band Image/Logo task.  frizbee and formerwageslave you’re on the clock!

And Their Genre Will Be?

February 16th, 2012

Thanks to TMTYTF and FuriousGrace we know that our band will be called Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse, but now thanks to ChildofAlma we also know what kind of music they’ll be playing!

So what’s the genre?  Shock-and-Awe Sensory Assault Blackened Deathgrind

What is that you’re saying?  Well, here’s how ChildofAlma describes it:

This genre focuses on using high levels of production to deliver traumatizing, punishing heavy metal. The music is a mixture of black metal, incorporating shrieks, tremolo-picked riffs, and eerie ambience with the subgenre of death metal called Deathgrind; aspects of which are blast beats, slam riffing, and gutturally growled, unintelligible vocals.

Both of these genres are usually purposefully poorly produced. However, in Shock-and-awe sensory assault blackened deathgrind, studio production is embraced to amplify the fury. Songs are mixed as loud as possible, with the vocals, snare drum, and bass drums at the front of the mix, and the guitars two solid walls of noise that hold it all in. The bass guitar is more felt than heard, resonating through the mix, and disturbing ambience is layered throughout, barely audible.

Well, I think that about covers it.  So Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse are a Shock-and-Awe Sensory Assault Blackened Deathgrind band.

Thanks for all of your hard work on creating a genre for the band ChildofAlma! Now let’s turn things over to thehoseman to come up with a tagline.  Hopefully he’ll have us something back by no later than the end of the month!


And So They Shall Be Named…

February 10th, 2012

Well, we tasked TMTYTF and FuriousGrace with coming up with a name for our band and they have returned with a moniker sure to conjure up all kinds of goodness – Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse.  We’ll leave it to them to describe the how and why in the comments below, but in the meantime, ChildofAlma, you’re on the clock!  I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see what genre he decides on.  Check back on Feb. 21st or so to find out!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help us build a band.  We’re excited about seeing the results and we’re glad to hear you are too.  We’ve taken a look at what everyone volunteered to do and we’ve decided to assign the various tasks to the following players:

1.  Band Name – TMTYF and FuriousGrace

2.  Band Genre w/ explanation of the genre – ChildofAlma

3.  Band Tagline – theHoseman

4.  Band Image/Logo – frizbee and formerwageslave

5.  Band Members/Equipment – Tyman

6.  Band Bio – algoreyou

Okay, I hope everyone is happy w/ their assignments.  Since everything builds on itself, we though it would be wise to build the band step by step, so we’ll ask that each participant not start their task until the previous task has been completed.  We’ll start with TMTYTF and FuriousGrace coming up with the band’s name.  When they have completed that task we’ll post it here on the blog and the next player(s) participating will be on the clock.  Each task has a week and a half to complete their task, so TMTYTF and FuriousGrace have until February 9th to get us the name, but you can send it in before that if you get it done sooner.  Please send everything related to your task (the actual assigment, any explanation, etc) to us at customerservice at figment.cc If you need more time to finish your assignment you can also just let us know.  As each of you complete your assignment you’ll receive 500 pieces of Lucre for participating.

We can’t wait to see this band slowly come together.  It’s going to be a fun exercise, and we look forward to seeing each step of the process unfold.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Let’s Build A Band!

January 24th, 2012

Figment is all about creating fake bands, and nobody can build a fake band better than our players!  So we thought it would be fun to see if we could try a little crowdsourcing experiment.  We want to build a band with you!

So how is this going to work?  Well, let’s start by assigning tasks.  We need the following:

1.  A Band Name

2.  Band Genre

3.  Band Tagline

4.  Band Image

5.  Band Members

6.  Band Bio

Let us know what you are interested in working on as a comment below and we’ll divvy up the assignments to everyone.  If we have multiple people interested in doing a specific task then you’ll need to be willing to share your email address with the other players who will be participating.  Don’t worry, we’ll contact you before sharing it to make sure you are still interested, and it will only be shared with those players who are participating.

Once we’ve got an idea of what everyone wants to work on then we can move forward with the actual creation of the band.  We’ll give those players selected a week to create each step of the process (maybe 2 weeks for the bio?) and post a blog post with info regarding the completed task.

What do you think?  We hope you’ll embrace the idea, because we think it’s a fun exercise.  Oh and did I mention that we’ll reward everyone involved with lucre rewards for participating?  Better yet, when it’s all said and done we will have created a band.  Then we can get started on their first album!