I know, I know, you wanna create an album title first. If you are creating a fake concept album then maybe, but otherwise it’s often a mistake. Let?s face it, the album title may reflect the songs on the album or it may not, but regardless you?re going to have to fill the album or EP with songs, so if you saddle yourself with an album title right off the bat it can often influence the song titles and not always for the better.

Are you doing a serious album or a funny one? If you?re planning a fake album that is actually something you would consider recording in real life (that is if you were really a musician) than I don?t have any real advice, because you probably have some great song titles that have been sitting in that school composition notebook of yours for years. If you?re creating a funny album, then I have two failsafe recommendations ? songs involving real events or people from the news and bad puns! After all, who doesn?t love a bad pun? The real trick is to combine both (i.e. ?Slowly but Surely MacLaine? or ?Boutros Boutros Ghali Miss Molly?). Again totally nonsensical titles will sometimes capture someone?s attention as well (i.e. ?Judicial Shoes? or ?Walking on Stilts in the Mouth of Mars?).

Once you?ve created your song titles then name your album. Sometimes a song title can double as the album title, but if you?re feeling really creative try coming up with something that incorporates all of steps 1 ? 4, because it will really sum up what you?re trying to convey with your fake band. For instance, if you are creating a fake concept album about artists by a band called “Paint By Numbers” you could call it ?Who?s Your Dada??.  That way it’s funny but also consistent with the bands name and the theme of the album.

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