What is an Industry Heavyweight?

February 12th, 2008

You may have seen this symbol Industry Heavyweight Icon next to a comment on a band page or a review on an album page and wondered what the hell is that?  Well, it’s the mark of the Industry Heavyweight (don don daaaaah)!  So what is an Industry Heavyweight?  Industry Heavyweights are Figment site administrators, professionals from the real music industry (record label employees, musicians, publicity agents, music journalists, etc.) and distinguished Figment players who can favorite bands, buy albums and listen to them just like any other registered Figment user.  The difference is that they carry more clout because when they favorite a band, buy/listen to an album or review a band/album they award the creator of that band more lucre than a normal registered Figment user.  What they can’t do is earn any lucre themselves!  So just like in the real music industry you’re hoping to get the attention of an industry heavyweight.  To get a feel for the additional lucre you can earn check out our blog entry on how the Figment Charts and Lucre System works.

5 Responses to “What is an Industry Heavyweight?”


    eric you da man!

  2. blacksunshine1 Says:

    Oh my god, that is amazing! About the real world music industry people of course. I’m actually trying to start a band, in the real world. (It also is called Lips Laced With Cyanide.) So…even if this is fake, it might possibly help me in the future…maybe. 🙂

  3. Marvin Sweenie Says:

    The BullMan is real! I have heard 2 songs from Heavy Metal Stampede.
    But, the guy on the cover is not the real BullMan. The guy who actually makes the music is a super friendly pacifist! And he’s tall and skinny!

  4. The Coffee Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the review of “Good Till the Last Drop”.

  5. Figment News » Blog Archive » Heavyweights! Says:

    […] who can provide our users with feedback on their fake band creations.  We call these people Industry Heavyweights and you can tell who is a Heavyweight by looking for this icon.  If you see the “H” […]

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