Figment is 1 Month Old!

March 13th, 2008

Today Figment is officially 1-month old.  As you know the site is filling up fast with some great fake bands so if you haven’t checked it out please do so.   Our soundtrack contest is off to a slow start, but here are a few of the early entrants:

Little Feet “Gary Coleman – Inside the Games Original Soundtrack”

Pool of Users “Scared Yet?  Original Soundtrack”

So check out the contest rules and get your soundtrack released!

Now that we’ve reached the 1-month milestone it’s also time to take a look back at some of our staff’s favorite bands thus far.

Figment Staff Picks:

Eric –  

Pastor of Muppets – What can we say?  The top of the heap.

The Four Horseman of the Botox Lips – Great band idea, description and first EP.  Top notch.

The Balding Engineers – Everything about this band is top notch!!

Flatso – Really inventive and one of the best band descriptions I’ve read yet.  Just a few words and you feel like you’ve heard this band, and yet, their fake. 

Cutting Room – Their album “My Parent’s Don’t Get Me” has a some great song titles.

Abba Crosby & Phish – Great band name and some great song titles on their first release – “Exodus on Main Street”.

Flush With Power – skatalogical humor at it’s best or worst…you be the judge.

Fish & Chips – a great tag line!


The Balding Engineers – Made me laugh out loud!

Can of Wupazz – Their album “Threat Level – Orange” is great.

Catmium – Love this band.

Abusement Park – Great concept for a band.  Love their first album.

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