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April 3rd, 2008

Welcome to the first Picked to Click, a new weekly feature here on Figment News that aims to give you the heads up on new bands and albums we think you might find interesting.  So here’s the bands & albums we’ve picked to click this week:

The Administration – A Washington DC musical troupe specializing in popular music. They prefer bold highly visible but largely ineffective performances. Sources close to the group indicate they are getting more powerful lately. There live shows are quite expensive, by invitation only, and very secure.  Check out their debut album “DisInfortainment”.

Fetalmania – Unfortunately this Black Metal outfit has yet to release an album, but if their debut is as good as their name then we’re in for a real treat.

Milky Pirates – Got Milk?  If not, check out their debut album “One Shot.”  After all milk does a body good…isn’t that what they say?

Slightly Metallic – This band was formed back in February, but seems to have been missed by most Figment users because they didn’t release their debut album until mid-March, so check out “Sacred Aluminum Vestibule of Darkness and Moisture.”

The Victims – This band claims they are a metal band, but their logo and album cover design scream DIY Punk.  Their debut album is “Buy This Album!”

Phsychotic Chick Pay no attention to the misspelled name, this chick is the real deal.  I think she may be one of my ex-girlfriends.  Check out her debut album Phsychotic Chick from Hell.”

Shadows of the Sea – Emo or Goth?  You be the judge.  Their debut album is “Black Tears.”

Tim and the Animals – Their debut album was a bit derivative, but their recent EP “Serenade of Violence” shows great promise.

xZYWEICx – Five piece death metal from the streets of Greenpoint, Bkln.  Part of the NWOPHM (new wave of polish heavy metal), Zyweic was founded on the concept of sextuple consonants and cheap ass lager.  I don’t know about you, but those are founding principles I can endorse!  Now if they’d only release a debut album!!!

So those are our picked to click selections for this week.  Check em’ out and support the fake bands you like by becoming a fan –

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