For those of you who just created a band you may notice that the Recent Activity chart says that “Eric” formed YOUR band.  Don’t worry, I haven’t become a brutal dictator who has taken over your band or a meglomaniac who feels he is entitled to your band (that only happens on Thursdays.)  No, I am neither.  What you are witnessing is what we in the internet biz (that’s slang for business) call a glitch (really technical term huh.)  We’re about to introduce some new features and some of them are are tied to the recent activity chart, but unfortunately not everything is working correctly just yet.  If you actually click on the band you’ll see that your name is still credited for creating/forming the band and all lucre earned by the band and their albums is still being routed to your account.  I’ll have more information on the new features as soon as they are available, and for those of you whose band’s were effected by this glitch please rest assured that we are working on it as fast as possible and hope to have it remedied soon.  We apologize for credit not being given where credit is due, so I hope you’ll forgive us.

4:04 pm ET – We seem to have fixed the glitch, but those bands that were effected earlier will still say “Formed by Eric”.  Again, sorry for not giving credit where credit is due. 

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