Late as always, but still full of great stuff!  Here’s the bands/albums we Picked to Click from last week on Figment: – Winners of the Figment Best Soundtrack ’08 Award, this band is poised for big things if their debut is any indication.  Their soundtrack to the docu-drama mini-series “The Professors of Hip and Hop” is the explosive device!  Buy it, listen to it, live it.

The Bi Accidents – This band picked up some extra lucre the other day by quickly recording a great EP, inspired by one of their favorite bands Pink Floyd, as an entry in our latest inspiration contest.  Check out their EP “Fly on You Crazy Piggy”. 

The Rude Awakening – What can I say, their debut album “All Hands on Deck” was indeed a rude awakening.  I’m awake to their presence now.  Are you?

My Wrists Spell LOVE – Great debut album from these emo optomists!  Check out “Album Titles Are For Mainstream Rockers”.

That’s it for last week!

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