Here’s what we picked to click for the week of May 5th:

Dried Fruitopia – This band’s debut album, “I Dig Your Fig”, is anything but dry, unless of course your referring to their sense of humor.  Great album from a great fake band!  BUY IT!

The Academy of St. Roch of the Bulboes – This band’s debut album “Table Scraps” is an instant classic.  The first classical group to appear on Figment, we highly recommend The Academy!  Their band description is reason enough to become a fan.  BUY IT!!!

Dirty Sanchez and the Chili Dogs – This band has yet to put out an album, but we’re intrigued nonetheless.

Pincher Nipple – From the ridiculous name to the great band photo, this band has double entendre glory written all over it!  Check out their debut album “Between a Thumb and a Forefinger.”   These guys might just play the main stage at Rocklahoma this year!

Shadows of the Sea – They just released their second album “Alive No More” and it’s a winner.

Well, that’s it for last week.  Check em’ out!

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