Hey, just wanted to let you know that we just released a new feature on Figment.  From now on you’ll know who is a fan of your band and who bought their albums because you’ll be able to see them!  That’s right, we’ve added profile picture thumbnails for every fan you have to your band’s page.

Band Page - Profile Picture Thumbnails

We’ve done the same on the album page where you can see what fans added your band’s album to their collection.  You can check them both out in the left hand column underneath your band/album picture. 

Album Page - Profile Picture Thumbnails

No more anonymous admirers, from now on you’ll be able to get acquainted with your users with a simple glance at your band or album pages, and if you want to get to know them better you can click on their picture to view their profile.

This is the first step in our plan to create more interaction between our users and the fans of their fake bands.  Keep a look out for more features as they will be coming on-line within a few weeks.

In the meantime, go spruce up your profile page and let us see your pearly whites!

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