Ever wonder where that other sock is?  How about the umbrella you got to replace the other one you lost?  And what about that great idea you had for a movie starring The Rock and Phillip Seymour Hoffman?  What happened to those things?  I know, you lost them.  They were there one minute and then gone the next.  Most of the time that doesn’t change, once lost they don’t return, but sometimes you find them and what a glorious feeling that is.  The same thing happens with fake bands.  Many a fake band is created on Figment only to go fallow because the creator lost the idea behind the band or couldn’t remember those great song titles they thought up in the car on the way home.  It happens, fake bands come and they go.  The question is can they be found?  I for one believe they can.  Right now there are 47 bands on Figment that were formed but have never put out an album or EP.  These bands are lost…metaphorically speaking.  The question is, how do we get them back to their rightful owners?  Well, I’d like to issue a challenge here on Figment called “Lost and Found.”  How does it work?  Here’s how –

1.  Find a band from the list of LOST bands below.  Only bands from this list will be eligible.

2.  Come up with an album or EP title for the band.

3.  Post the band and the album/EP title as a comment here on the blog.

4.  We will contact the LOST band’s creator and submit the album/EP title to them for their approval.  If they agree to use the album/EP title we will send a corresponding email to the FINDER as proof of their LOST band’s agreement to use the title.

5.  For FINDERS to qualify their album/EP titles must be posted on the Figment News blog by no later than midnight ET on June 30, 2008. Any FINDER posts after that date will not be considered. For LOST bands to qualify they must release an album or EP with the title they selected by no later than midnight ET on July 31, 2008.  Neither the FINDER or the LOST band will receive their rewards until the album or EP is released.  If it is not released before midnight ET on July 31, 2008 neither the FINDER or the LOST band will receive their reward.

6.  If the LOST band ends up using the album/EP title you submitted within the given time period we will give them 350 pieces of lucre for agreeing to your collaboration and you will receive 500 pieces of lucre as a FINDER’S REWARD.

So here’s what you can’t do –

1.  You can’t FIND one of your own LOST bands.

2.  A LOST band can only select one album or EP title to use and cannot choose and release an album and an EP.  The reward will also only be handed out once and this contest offer is not on-going.  Once a LOST band selects an album or EP title they cannot select another and try to put out another release.  However, if one user has more than one LOST band on the list below, he/she is eligible to receive a reward for each of those bands as long as he/she follows all of the rules.  Correspondingly, a FINDER is eligible to post as many album/EP title ideas as they would like for as many bands as they would like, but can only receive one reward per LOST band if their album/EP title is accepted and released.

3.  FINDERS must post their album or EP title and any song titles they want to submit to the Figment News blog or it will not be considered eligible for the Lucre FINDER’S REWARD.  If the same album/EP title is submitted by more than one user only the first user to post will be considered eligible for the REWARD.

4.  LOST bands that create an album or EP that uses a title from a FINDERS post here on Figment News but cannot supply a corresponding email from Figment (if asked) presenting the title/songs and confirming their agreement to use that title/songs will not receive the Lucre reward for collaborating with the FINDER. Correspondingly, FINDER’s must present a Figment email (if asked for it) confirming the LOST band’s agreement to use your album/EP title in order to receive their lucre reward.

5.  Neither the FINDER nor the LOST band will receive their Lucre REWARDS until the album or EP has been released.  Again, the LOST band may only select one album or EP title to qualify for their Lucre reward.  LOST bands must release their album by no later than July 31, 2008 in order for both the FINDER and the LOST band to receive their lucre rewards.

6.  Any FINDER posts after midnight ET on June 30, 2008 will not be considered.

So now that we’ve covered all of the rules let’s take a look at what band’s are in our Figment Lost and Found!

Al’s Fruit Fly


Band Pire

Bear Vs. Woman


Bloody Fingers


Bruised Fruit

Confirmed Adult Virgins

Description 5000

Dirty MOJO

Emergency Homeless Smelter


Finally Monk Shorts

Fluffy Bright Smiles

Flux Capacitor

Four Cheese Tops

Fredulous McUncleton

Free Beer


Green Fingers


Knurd Maisey

Lecture Fist

Manthraxxx S.S.

Morning Roast

Mother Mary and the Wise Men Trio

Phekal Fallus

Pinky Lawn Stompers

Riddum of da’ Plains



Sky Blue Pink

Snake Water

Stealing Dreams

Lars Polka

The Swingin Knees

The Wegwe

Three Dicks Between Us

Throat Yogurt

Thumby and The Fingerprints

Tim and The Takers


WHY have YOU forsaken ME


Yellow Vampire Nazi Cows From Mars


We look forward to seeing your posts and, with your help, returning these bands to their rightful owners!

2 Responses to “Figment “Lost and Found” Challenge”

  1. chilidog Says:

    I’ve got a album name for the lost band Dirty MOJO. The album is called “Blisters On My Pimp Hand”.

  2. jennyb48 Says:

    Album name for Flux Capacitor should be “Great Scott!” or “McFly”

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