As you probably noticed we didn’t have a Picked to Click! post last week.  What with the holiday and our “Lost and Found” Challenge we thought it best to store up some great stuff and give it to you all at once.  So here are the bands/albums from Figment that we Picked to Click from May 19th – June 1, 2008!

Crispy Yama Gucci – This band finally got around to releasing their long out of print debut “Big Bird in Bed”.   Always loved the name of this band and their LP is no slouch either.  Check it out.

Happy Bunny Farm – Their classic LP “Statutory Rhymer” was just re-released and it’s a revelation!  Buy it!

Chad Masters “Vasoline Alley” is not only Chad’s first solo album, but also the first solo project from a Figment band!  Chad took a brief sojourn from his job as bassist for metal band Pincher Nipple to do some time in the big house and this stripped down (no pun intended) accoustic disk is the result.  It’s an instant classic and continues in the double entendre tradition of his main gig with Pincher Nipple.  We loved how chilidog continued to build a back story for Pincher Nipple, while at the same time creating a great new solo artist in Chad Masters.  Great stuff – buy it!

Darkling – What can I say, the grand masters are back!  “Anal Trophallaxis” is the last album the band recorded with their original lineup and it’s a doozy!  Buy it!

The Daneweegians – Their debut album “Elsinore” begs but one question.  To buy or not to buy?  That should not be in question.  Buy it!

Well, that’s it for now!  See ya next week!

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