It was a relatively quiet week on Figment for new bands, but we did get a couple.  Here’s what we Picked to Click!

Disgruntled Exercism – Okay, so this band can’t spell, hey there’s lots of bands that can’t.  Staind anyone? Maybe it’s an inside joke?  Guess we won’t know until they get around to releasing their debut.  We can’t wayt!

Crotch Rocket – We love how Chilidog continues to build his roster of bands.  Not only has he been the first Figment user to create a solo project from one of his bands (Chad Masters), but he has now launched the first sibling band on Figment in Crotch Rocket.  Rod Johnson, the kid brother of Pincher Nipple lead singer Johnson (yes, he’s one of the one name gang), has just formed this new band.  They’ve yet to release a debut album, but have thrown down the gauntlet to Pincher Nipple claiming they can’t compete with Crotch Rocket.  Do I sense a sibling battle to rival the Robinson, Gallagher or Davies clans?  Since their in separate bands we probably won’t see any on stage fistfights like we seen with the latter names, but something tells me that with names like Rod Johnson and Crotch Rocket involved were going to see someone get their dick knocked in the dirt!

Pincher Nipple – Speaking of Pincher Nipple (isn’t that the beginning to a bad joke?), they just released their latest aptly named album, “Poker in the Front, Liquor in the Rear”.   Aah, subtlety is their middle name.

The Bi Accidents – Just released a new EP called “We Lost”.  We recommend it if only for the cover of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”.

So what are you waiting for, your check from President Bush?  Forget that the economy is slowing, buying an album on Figment is free!  So shop till you drop!!!  Until next time auf wiedersehen.

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