Another quiet week on Figment, but a few new bands and few golden oldies we wanted to give a shout out to!  So here’s what we Picked to Click!

Shadows of the Sea – The third album from this emo band, “Crying Stars”, is as strong as their first two.  Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch, you likely missed it if you aren’t already a fan because it didn’t show up on our home page.  Our apologies to the band’s creator KukiSuki, who clearly understands this band’s esthetic and always supports it with great song/album titles and top notch album artwork.  The only advice we can pass on is to make the artwork look a little more like an album – text anyone?

Inchworm – Looks as if Pincher Nipple’s got more than just a sibling rivalry going!  Check out their band page to get the skinny!  And watch your back Pincher Nipple!

Crotch Rocket – Released their first album, “Pistol Grip” and it’s a blast!  Rod Johnson definitely knows how to rock out with his cock out!

Now some golden oldies that you may have missed the first time around:

Fredulous McUncleton – the band description will tell you everything you need to know.

A B.S. in B.S. – We all feel remiss that this band was never featured in our Picked to Click! posts, but hey sometimes good things need time to pass before they are fully appreciated.  This band’s first album “Alternative Splicing” is post-graduate ska for the masses!  A belated A+ with a heavy recommendation to buy it!!

Dip Cup – Great band description and a strong debut album “Girls With Back Tattoos” for this alt-country juggernaut.

Abba, Crosby & Phish – We overlooked this band a bit in the early days of Figment, but the band name and song titles on their debut “Exodus on Main Street” are among the best.

Wet Stetson – They put the blue in bluegrass with their two albums “Puddle of Love” and “A Drop in the Gene Pool”.

Well that’s it for last week’s picks.  Show em’ some love by becoming a fan, buying their albums and giving them a listen.


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